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Its been one of those weeks knit wise. Everything I’ve tried to knit just hasn’t worked.

I used needles to big on a cuddly toy and had to frog it. Reknitting on smaller ones (photo to come when finished)

And there was a tiny gauge issue.

Ok, a big one.

Alright, alright, an enormous one!

Engel wanted a light blanket (seeing as all mine tend to be garter stitch and wool held double for extra coziness, none where suitable for the task of a light summer blanket) so I had a look on Ravelry, spotted a mesh type pattern that would be suitable, grabbed my biggest circular needles (8mm) and cast on as many stitches as could fit the 20cm cable.

Previously I’d cast on 10, did a few rows and reckoned I’d need 350ish stitches…which was what I had roughly on the needles.

I knit an inch, and it was hard going the stitches were so tight together, but hey, it was looking good size wise.

I knit another inch. It was looking quite roomy.

I knit another inch. The stitches were really opening up now, and it was getting bigger.

I knit another inch, looked at the mass of wool (6 balls worth for 4 inches here) and decided to pull it off the needles and compare to an actual blanket.


It could go from the foot of the bed to the head, then back to the foot, then back to the head…

I did realise I only needed 106 stitches for a rather roomy double however.

So frogged the lot, took a good hour winding the wool back up and I’ve cast it back on. I’m only at two inches and barely any wool used…

In fact, because of the fiasco, not a single ball of wool this week has been finished.


But in other news, my cthuhlu campaign has gone absolutely crazy, and its brilliant, but I’m only just keeping the whole thing reigned together. Felix is learning and growing scarily fast, we’re getting to her stringing words together into almost sentences. Lastly, Engel had an accident with his finger and an axe. Its still attached, but he’s chipped the bone, it needs the nail removed and then the flesh drained.

And he wonders why I’m so stressed!

Enough of such things, lets distract you readers with a few knitted goodies from the archives that aren’t on the blog yet!

Today: Roly Poly Kitties!

Its a free online pattern by Karen Null, and its adorable, quick, and great for scraps!

Till next week.

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It must be bunnies!

Anyone else remember that episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Moving on, lots of bunnies have been getting made lately as part of a commission from The Rabbit Rescue Trust – they’ll be on sale around about Christmas time for anyone interested!

Without further ado:

All based on the Free Square Bunny Pattern by Annette of Lebenslustiger.com.

And this is the Big Footed Bunny from Knitted Toys by Zoe Mellor. I changed the colours up a bit for a more girly look, but still kept it fairly neutral as I’m not one for bright pink baby first toys! This little guy is for someone special whose happens to be having a little girl in the near future!

Last two things now:

1 – the delay in posts was due to my nephews 6th birthday, which was held in Legoland Windsor, a subsequent week long family holiday in a gorgeous log cabin in the middle of nowhere with next to zero wi-fi…an then a family visit from the other half of the family who wanted to meet Felix (some for the first time).

From this I now know Felix is carsick, has a love of owls, an obsession with ducks and learns bad habits at the drop of a hat. Not mentioning any names *hint hint* you know who you are!

2 – the wool count! With being so busy a lot less knitting was done than I had planned, but still, seven balls have been used since the last post!

Wool Count down:
Starting total (28Feb15) – 747 balls
Extra stash found – 10 balls (so far)
Wool used – 54
Wool given – 3
Wool bought – 3

Total – 709

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See, flying eyeballs!

These are based on the free ravelry pattern ‘Gruesome eyeballs‘ and ‘bat knitting pattern‘ an online free pattern.

I made them as light pulls on my big overhead fans in the living room for a Halloween party I had. They’re still there, eight months later, I just find them a bit too cute to switch them back round…

Anyhow! Apologies for my lack of post last week. The craft fair went well, but right afterwards I decided to get stuck into some major DIY at home. And instead of blogging or knitting, and this is working round being a full time mum and full time worker too, I’ve been doing this:

It replaces the previous ‘banister’ which was stair to ceiling 1″ metal poles spaced about two feet apart from each other. And as Felix can undo the safety gate and run up those stairs at the speed of light…yeah. Needed doing asap!

It needs sanding and a good lick of paint, but hey, massive improvement!

And look, flying eyeballs!

Wool Count down:
Starting total (28Feb15) – 747 balls
Extra stash found – 10 balls (so far)
Wool used – 47 (Only three the past two weeks)
Wool given – 3
Wool bought – 3

Total – 716

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Finished a large commission yesterday – three fairly decent sized toy cats made to look like the persons actual kitty cats. (Or Meow-Meows as he insists on calling them)

So without further ado, cats!

All three are based on ‘Clematis Cat’ by Sue Stratford in ‘Knitted Cats and Kittens’.

I haven’t used up any wool this week – spent most of the week sewing. The three cats above got put together, as well as about…thirty bunnies? More on those next week though!

Have a good weekend!

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For going so long without an update. Life has been…well, life.

Mostly the usual, work, Felix, chores, it was however Engel’s birthday this weekend, and I’ve been putting a lot of effort into our rpg call of cthuhlu campaign as we started one on his birthday last year, and its the groups first anniversary of gaming, and another birthday for him.

I’ll go into more detail another time about our gaming group, but suffice to say that if presented with three options, in game, they will take the tenth.

I’m not kidding.


I spent five hours winging two parts of a campaign together that they completely bypassed the important bits of and found what they were after by sheer luck, then moved on, with none of the information to actually proceed.

Its good fun, just hard work.

So time has been rather short, and something had to give and it was the blog. But only for a fortnight!

Next week I aim to have an interesting post with some photos and knitting…

But for now, you’ll have to settle on the wool count. Its gone down by eight since the last update!

Wool Count down:
Starting total (28Feb15) – 747 balls
Extra stash found – 10 balls (so far)
Wool used – 44 (Yeah!)
Wool given – 3
Wool bought – 3

Total – 719

Oh, and a week  Saturday I’m attending a craft fair! Its for the Rabbit Rescue Trust North West

Poster below with details.


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This May bank holiday I was at the Chestnut Centre – its an otter and owl sanctuary, and since the weather looked promising, I figured it would be a nice little family day out.

I think I should take a moment to explain. I hate water. Nearly drowned when I was 15, yadda, yadda, the stuff gives me the creeps. Especially big open expanses of it. When myself and Engel had Felix I wanted to make sure she didn’t have that same phobia, so to the pool she went when she was but a tiny thing.

Her response to water? Roll onto back, cuddle a rubber duckie/ball and kick with the back legs, grinning manically.

So we nick named her ‘Ottah’, as that’s what she made us think of.

Subsequently, I kept saying when she was old enough to not need a pram, we’d go to the otter sanctuary and she can see her namesakes in action.

She loved it. Otters go squeak. Owls go hoot. She can outrace her mum on the uphill and her dad on the downhill. Everything’s awesome.

Though she did have a tantrum at the gift shop on the way out – she ran right past all the mountains of cuddly toys, and dove into the books, demanding about six of them…she already owns five of the ones she wanted! So when we got home I read ‘The Otter that Loved to hold hands’ to her then promptly cast one on the needles.

One adorable Otter. Its one of the Patons wildlife collection. It goes to bed with her. And I had to do owls too.

The infamous Owl Puff pattern – its free on Ravelry. Oh, and because I’m sure someone must be wondering what knitted thing I photograph all the toys on:

The also infamous, ten stitch blanket. Also free on Ravelry.

Hope you all had a good bank holiday too!

Oh, wool update, three used this week! And of the two I bought last week, yep, Sods Law, only needed one in the end.

Wool Count down:
Starting total (28Feb15) – 747 balls
Extra stash found – 10 balls (so far)
Wool used – 36 (Yeah!)
Wool given – 3
Wool bought – 3

Total – 725

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What can I say? I couldn’t resist seeing what was happening in my area – quite a few LYS near me did special offers, demonstrations and cake!

I was good though and only bought two balls of wool. I could have walked away with…40 easy, but managed to restrain myself.

The ones I bought are to finish a project on the needles already – a cute jumper for Felix, and as Sods Law dictates, when knitting a pattern for the purpose of stash busting, one will have to buy more of that wool to finish the project, defeating the purpose of having knit it in the first place.

One would have sufficed, but when Engel stated that knowing my luck I would run out right before the second sleeve, well, he jinxed me. If I bought one I would run out. If I bought two I wouldn’t need the second.

So two it is. I’ll make a matching hat, or some arm warmers. Maybe socks too. Oh, a little bag would look adorable. And a toy.

May need another ball…

Wool update – used two, bought two, no change!

Wool Count down:
Starting total (28Feb15) – 747 balls
Extra stash found – 10 balls (so far)
Wool used – 33 (Yeah!)
Wool given – 3
Wool bought – 3

Total – 728

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I went and knit for me:

Captain Ameowica!

Ok, Captain America from the Avengers, but as a kitty-cat! And…

Iron Mew!

Ok, Iron Man this time.

Close up of Captain Ameowica:

Phil Pawson wanted to shake paws with his hero.

Close ups of Iron Mew:


And a group photo!

One big happy knitted pile of plushies!

Hope you enjoyed the chaos!

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For the Age of Ultron movie to be released, I went and knit for me:

Thor, God of Thun-purr…

And the necessary tummy shot:

Cute, isn’t he? Oh, and I couldn’t resist having the Asgardians play together.

Thor is cheating by pulling LoKittys tail though. Tut-tut, will have to get the spray bottle out…

Oh, and copied and pasted from yesterdays entry:

Thats all for now – again, just a quickie post. No news, as it was just work today, and no wool count as I haven’t finished or gained any balls of wool…

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For the Age of Ultron movie to be released, I went and knit for me:


Its Loki, from The Avengers – I cant decide if the best part of this is the cape, or the helmet…

Thats all for now – again, just a quickie post. No news, as it was just work today, and no wool count as I haven’t finished or gained any balls of wool…

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