This week, I have no knitted projects to share. One is finished, but I haven’t had a chance to get a good photo of it, and I’m over 70% on phase one of another.

Yes, you are being pun-alised with statistics on my knitting progress.

I have been doing a lot of painting at the moment – painting minis not pictures – and finished all the My little Scythe minis. Have my next set already lined up, just need the time to work on them.

And time is were I am falling short. Full time work, full time mum around said work, running and maintaining the house, all my hobbies plus more social things like vikings and gaming. I don’t want to give anything up, each is pun-derful in it’s own way (apart from cleaning, that’s pun-ishment), but yeah… I may actually see through my threat of posting non knitting things on here far more regularly.

So, I pose a question, should I stick to soft crafts (knitting, tablet weave, needle felt, sewing, braiding) or a bit of everything (painting, carving, whatever random things I get into).

The other thing that as of today is now going to eat a lot of my time is I am going to be looking after a colleagues cat for 5/6 days (it’s easier for me to have the cat here than the 40 minute drive there and back when there’s no traffic, at least once a day, every day, over that period of time…) so the wool-servatory / tribble rehoming center is getting gutted. Carefully gutted. I am already creating piles of things to be rehomed to others, but I suspect my wool count is going to go up as I dig through mine and Engels mountains of hobby related items…

So with that, I shall leave you all be until next post.

Oh! Did you all enjoy the pun-derful puns? Or was it pun-ishment? Let me know if they have groan on you at least!

Wool Count

Starting total – 841

Wool used – 22 (Up by one!)
Wool bought – 10
Wool given to me – 19
Wool gifted to others – 2
Wool handspun – 6

Total – 853 (Net difference: +12)

The third and final hiss-terical dice bag for Reyth and my clawesome dice.

Drum roll…

I have knit Reyth their very own Sporran of Holding! (Pattern is based on Sporran by Nick Cox but I made quite a few tweaks).

Lets not crawl, or slither, along, and get to the bit I am most excited about with this project!

Above is a very rudimentary, make shift loom so that I could try a weaving style that has very much caught my fancy a while ago. There is a cloak style called the Vararfeldur, which came up during my Viking cloak search. You weave locks of sheep wool in amongst the warp and weft to create a fluffy texture.

I have been ignoring the urge to make a full cloak in this style, but when I decided to knit a sporran for Reyth…well, I couldn’t not jump at the chance to do a small version! Lessons have been learned, and I know what I would do for a larger scale version, so it was definitely worth doing this way. I wont go into detail, however, if I do this full scale, I will.

And here is a photo of Reyth, dice and dice bags. I have quite the crocodile grin looking at them all!

In non knitting news, it was the Viking Training Weekend just gone, and I am now a qualified Outdoor First Aider for the next three years. Not gonna lie, it was pretty traumatic, but as the instructor said, when things go wrong, they really go wrong, and the injured person doesn’t have time for their first aider to freeze and baulk.

I am, however, really not happy that I am now also the group tick remover. Nasty little things! Lets just hope no one gets them in the places given as an example…

And with that, I shall bid you farewell until the next post.

Stay safe!

Wool Count

Starting total – 841

Wool used – 21 (Up by one!)
Wool bought – 10
Wool given to me – 19 (Up by 12 – wedding anniversary wool hunt, long may they last!)
Wool gifted to others – 2
Wool handspun – 6

Total – 854 (Net difference: +13)

Seriously, dont snake my word for it!

Heres Reyth with dice bag number two! I wanted to make a scale based dice bag the minute I saw the snake skin in the dice, and have them match to an extent. I did colour match initially but didn’t like the contrast I was getting, so went for a softer blue to edge the scales in.

The pattern itself is modified version of my standard dice bag pattern and Dragon Scales Cowl by Debbie West – a free Ravelry pattern – just tweaked the maths a little and voila, dice bag!

With that, I will slither on to other news – Felix’s room is back in order after a lot of help from my friends at the weekend, and all the other things that went wrong this month are back in some semblance of order. Long may it last!

Just a short post as its been a month. Year. The entirety of the 2020s?

Wool Count

Starting total – 841

Wool used – 20 (Up by one!)
Wool bought – 10
Wool given to me – 7
Wool gifted to others – 2 (up by one!)
Wool handspun – 6

Total – 843 (Net difference: +2)

I mean that literally! But first…

I was right last week as to what number three was. To fully sort that out a bit of the roof needs fixing and a PIV unit needs installing. In 6 days I had to drop £6K. Not all at once, thankfully, my nest egg isn’t that deep, but it’s now very, very small.

I doubt even the tiny dragons from the other week would want to have it as their hoard!

Subsequently I will be dusting off the commissions info and reopen them. I have lots of projects and things planned, but nothing that can’t wait if something interesting pops up from it.

Now back to the interesting stuff! Things are about to get a little dicey!

This is Reyth, my kobold barbarian pathfinder character. And next to the little guy? A beautiful set of custom dice, inspired by Reyth, even so far as to have my own snakes shedded skin in there to represent the dragon scales… I am in love, not gonna lie.

Here is SpectralPhantoms info, in case anyone feels like perusing the shinies… (He takes commissions too, so if you have a specific idea…). Instagram account. Facebook account.

Now, such precious shinies need a special bag to keep them safe, but what kind of bag?

And this thought here, is where things went awry. Let’s begin with the first, yes, the first layer of soft protection for the dice.

I knit a pentagon (rectangle with triangle on top, nothing fancy) following Princess Franklin Plaid Collar by Franklin Habit (free pattern on Knitty and on Ravelry) with a few minor tweaks to allow for the shape. A little bit of mattress stitch around the edges to add to the ‘this is a woven bit of material, honest’ look and a pretty viking bead and voila!

A little tartan purse for my tartan wearing kobold.

Reyth definitely seems pleased. If you roll on by next week, you’ll get to see the next layer of dice bags!

‘Til then, stay safe.

Wool Count

Starting total – 841

Wool used – 19 (Up by one!)
Wool bought – 10 (Up by eight!)
Wool given to me – 7 (3 Up by two!)
Wool gifted to others – 1
Wool handspun – 6

Total – 845 (Net difference: +4)

I fell off the sheep and bought a bunch of cones of fine machine yarn, just the perfect thickness for tablet weaving. And I wasn’t going to turn down yarny gifts!

Just a short post this week, its been very much all go-go-go lately and I need a chance to catch up on some chill time and rest.

Although I did try that on Sunday and ended up spending all my time furiously crafting and boxing off a few projects. And starting a few too, But those will get shown once I get round to a little photoshoot…

Todays knit was a wedding gift for Mr and Mrs Ratman, who after a very long engagement, decided now was the time to get married. It was an a-meow-sing day, Mrs Ratman looked purr-fect, the weather held, everyone behaved, and no cat fights broke out.

A heart shaped wreath with two kitty silhouettes holding tails. The cats are knit following the free pattern Kittinpin! by Diane Trap and everything else was just wrapped with wool. I’m not kitten when I say this was very last minute – the idea only occurred to me the night before the wedding, hours before I was about to run a Cthulhu scenario.

I like to think I can still strike fear into my players hearts, even when frantically knitting little cats to go on a very cutesy heart shaped wreath.

And with that, till next post, stay safe!

Wool Count

Starting total – 841

Wool used – 18 (Up by two!)
Wool bought – 2
Wool given to me – 5 (3 for mothers day)
Wool gifted to others – 1 (yep, I gave away wool!)
Wool handspun – 6

Total – 836 (Net difference: -5)

Edit: Have had a very rough few days, so if I go AWOL that’s why. Car failed it’s MOT (£1k), boiler condemned (£2k and still no hot water or heating) and I have a suspicion I know what number three may be…

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Sit back, get comfortable, for this is a tail of courage, bravery and adventure! The scale of this quest is – ok, I’m gonna stop before I get accused of dragon this intro out…

We left off last time, at the very start of an epic quest for my two terrors to find their very own dragon.

They journeyed long and far across the living room, avoiding the terrifying claws of four playful cats – I mean, horrifying beasts – weaving past fortresses (chairs) and scaling mountains (sofa), until at last they reached the plateau of The Great Wooly Servatory.

It was a cruel place, where the young adventurers had to wade through merino, scramble past acrylic, tip toe around a few stray mohairs, and climb the vast mountain of sheep fleece yet to be carded…until at last, they reached their treasure chest.

Fluffy wool, short and long burst from the chest. Red, gold, green, multi coloured and ultramine, scattered around the adventurers feet as they searched for the perfect wool. The wool that would become their dragon.

Some were too sparkly, too rough, too plain, too bright, and then they found it. Base of black, tapering to a bright colour at the tips of the fluff. Felix chose a bright green, and Inkling claimed blue. Then they looked in the chest and saw, by itself, a matching ball of wool, but bright pink.

These warriors had heart, and felt sorry for the lonely ball of wool, so they took it with them, carefully, to see if another was in need of their own dragon…

They climbed down the mountain of sheep fleece yet to be carded, past the many wooly creatures that tried to trip and entangle them, out The Great Wooly Servatory. They passed mountains and fortresses, avoided the terrifying beasts and brought their finds to the Fibermancer who promised them dragons. They explained their reasoning for three, and after a bit of tough negotiation, revealing the adventurers cunning and liberal use of cuteness and puppy eyes, their wishes were granted.

The wool unfurled, twisted anew, shaped and formed by the Fibermancer, until three dragons sat ready to be taken home. Awed, the adventurers accepted their treasure, and took them for many adventures anew.

And what of the pink dragon? That was homed within no time, for it really was quite adorable.

With that, this tail is finished and I bid you farewell and safe tidings.

Wool Count

Starting total – 841

Wool used – 15 (Up by six!)
Wool bought – 2
Wool given to me – 2
Wool gifted to others – 0
Wool handspun – 6

Total – 836 (Net difference: -5)

Slight lie there, I genuinely don’t know where the year has gone. However, the tail I am about to tell may end up dragon out a bit as it began a number of years ago…

In the times before the pandemic, three adventurers went in search of wool. The youngest two in the party picked out some sparkly tinsel wool and the elder a maleficent shade of green…for next, they would need to adventure to the lands of dragons…

Maleficent was my 2018 Christmas tree topper. The pattern itself called for fluffy wool for the wings, but for her, I changed it up a bit for a more menacing, less cuddly look. At that time I intended to knit two of the baby dragons listed in the pattern, one for each of my terrors, which was the tinsel wool they picked out that fateful day.

I finally got to them on my knitting list. Yes, I am aware that it has taken nearly 6 years to get to them. So long ago in fact, I forgot what alterations had to be made for Maleficent! To avoid potential sadness, I knitted a test dragon!

As soon as this photo was taken, it was off and gifted. There was a fight with the terrors who both declared it theirs before hand, but I dug out that wool from so long ago and reminded them that they had picked theirs already…

Yeah. Both rejected their choice and went and frolicked in the wool stash instead…really glad I did a test knit and didn’t try and surprise them with the tinsel yarn.

You can see which treasures the adventurers found, deep in the depths of the woolservatory next post, till then, stay safe!

Wool Count

Starting total – 841

Wool used – 9 (Up by two!)
Wool bought – 2
Wool given to me – 2 (got a very special mini skien as a gift – it matches all the different colours in my hair!)
Wool gifted to others – 0
Wool handspun – 6

Total – 842 (Net difference: +1)

When push came to love, I ended up doing a Valentines wreath for February.

I did toy with the idea of a heart shaped wreath full of flowers, so I could make some plant puns about how I was pine-ing fir some good ideas, if you would be-leaf it, but I didn’t.

I wanted to take this wreath to the nest level.

Anf you can’t fall fowl with lovebirds when it comes to romance and the rest of it. The lovebirds are knit following Songbird by Sara Elizabeth Kellner, which is an amazing free pattern that provides the base for any small bird of about that shape. Change some colours, do a little intarsia, and voila, it can be any bird you want it to be.

I have actually sort of knit this pattern before, as an Alice in Wonderlands Hammer bird and Pencil bird for Rabbies unbirthday party during lockdown.

But let’s stop fluttering around and get back to my wreath. Felix wrapped it, and used a lot of my scraps and even some odd balls of wool. The birds themselves knit up pretty quick after I spent ages trying to pick just the right colours, and the branch was a last minute addition – a bit of wire wrapped in yet another scrap of wool. It all came together really well, but not going to lie, the moment I hung that wreath up, I started to debate what my March wreath should be.

Suggestions welcome!

With that, I shall leave you to this swift post as it’s been a crazy busy week and this viking needs to chill out before more madness tomorrow…

Till next post, stay safe.

Starting total – 841

Wool used – 7 (Up by three!)
Wool bought – 2
Wool given to me – 1
Wool gifted to others – 0
Wool handspun – 6

Total – 843 (Net difference: +2)

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Yep, its more clawsome cat puns this week! They’re just too purrfect to resist!

I’m still juggling numerous crafts at the moment, but with the cold snap we’ve recently had, and the one about to start any minute now… I decided to finally finish my warm wooly cat set.

We’ve had the cowl, we’ve had the arm warmers, we now have the hat!

I was going to spread this out over two posts, but didn’t think seeing the same design in the same wool but as a different shape would be all hat interesting fur you all. So we will skip straight to the fun part – the pompom.

So, the hat needed something when I finished knitting it, and the pattern ( Slouchy Cat Hat by Marna Gilligan from her book Cat Knits) recommends a pompom in all the colours used to knit the hat.

Too busy.

Straight up solid colour pompom?

Too boring.

I mentioned this to Felix who immediately told me it should be a cat pompom! At first I was about to say no and then I paw-sed and remembered a certain pattern in a different book that calls for fluffy wool to make a ball like cat…

That pattern happened to be Fluff Balls by Sue Stratford from her book Knitted Cats and Kittens. I changed the fluffy wool for knitting the purple in loop stitch before cutting and letting Felix brush it for extra fluffiness.

Subsequently, I have worn this hat twice as Felix claimed it as hers and it has barely left her head since…

Even though I have lost my hat, I’m feline happy with the final result, and having finished this winter set. But what to work on next? So many crafts, so many possible projects, not enough time…

I mean, I only have a nalbinding project or three I want to start, another spinning project I want to begin, a tablet weave partially warped on my loom, one knitting project on the needles and three more already lined up, a sewing project involving 12 bags, a hand sewing project involving mine and the kids viking kit…

Plus some needle felting and natural dying, oh, and a weaving experiment…

…yeah, I need a lot more time…

Until next post, stay safe.

Starting total – 841

Wool used – 4 (Up by two!)
Wool bought – 2
Wool given to me – 1
Wool gifted to others – 0
Wool handspun – 6

Total – 846 (Net difference: +5)

Yep, still feeling im-paw-sible that I’m going to make a good dent in the stash this year…

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It feels like it’s taken fur-ever but I am finally getting back to my old self. And, I’m not kitten here, I have actual knitting content!

Can you guess by my hiss-terical puns what it might be?

Yep, a cat, and not any cat, this is a birthday gift for OwlLady, and it’s knit to match the colouring of her old cat Taz. I used the pattern Doorstop Cat by Sue Stratford from her book ‘Knitted Cats and Kittens’. It’s a tabby cat in the pattern, but a little intarsia can turn a tabby into a tuxedo kitty.

In other news, I’ve finished my current spinning project – quite a thick yarn using natural brown fleece and all my failed nettle dye experiments and a bit of leftover beetroot and coffee fleece.

I think it’s come out pretty paw-some for my intended plans – to make a basket/bag using nalbinding to put all my viking bits in that are for display, rather than thieving other people’s table space…

There is but one small flaw in this otherwise purr-fect plan… My stash has just increased by six.

Well, seven actually as I was gifted some wool from one of the fellow vikings at our weekly meet. But I have plans that should help chip away at the stash!

Now I just need time…

Which feels somewhat im-paws-ible…

Starting total – 841

Wool used – 2
Wool bought – 2
Wool given to me – 1
Wool gifted to others – 0
Wool handspun – 6

Total – 848 (Net difference: +7)

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