Free Patterns

Here are the free patterns I’ve gotten round to gleaning from my scrawled notes and have had a chance to try and decipher.

These patterns haven’t been test knitted, so if you find an error, let me know and I’ll amend it.

I will forewarn you though, I expect people to have a basic knowledge and understanding of knitting, and write my patterns as such – theres no holding hands, no explanations as to what ‘K’ and ‘P’ mean, just what I think people need to make the actual project. If you get stuck, I recommend a quick google – there are hundreds of online tutorials, videos, diagrams etc online and at your fingertips.

Most importantly, have fun!

So without anymore fuss, here are the patterns! In alphabetical order so no favouritism…


Beer Mat

Cat Hand Puppet

Cocoon or Chrysalis

Companion Cube


Fox Bag Holder / Purse

Foxy Mitts

Lettuce (or cabbage)

Owl-Bear Chart

Pusheen Cat Scarf



You ‘Octopi’ my thoughts (Octopus hat)

And the ones belonging to my sis, Rabbie: