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Pusheen the cat scarf and pattern!

Just back from a week long family holiday in Wales, there were steam engines, beaches, swimming, fishing, arts and crafts, shows, feeding (and attempted catching) of ducks interspersed with eating and sleeping. ¬†However a distinct lack of cats… I could

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It’s finished!!!!

It’s the end of an era! Ok, not quite, but I have been working on the Hungry Caterpillar project since the end of June, that’s two and a half months! For someone used to not really spending more than a

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Apologies for the lack of updates lately, I’ve had family visiting, holiday in the Lakes (I highly recommend the ‘Wheres Peter Rabbit?’ show – the puppets are beautiful!) then more family visiting! But, I have finally finished the next part

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Free pattern!

Hi all, I’m offering a free pattern as an apology for a lack of update last week – not that much happened (well, above the normal level of madness!) But just failed to actually post anything. I do however have

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Easter! Well, nearly…

In knitting terms, its Easter – always have to start these things early! So, what have I been making for Easter? Cute, aren’t they? Also, super simple. Its a free online pattern by Lebinslustiger. Essentially you knit a square, do

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Blast from the past

Anyone remember this? Was my header for the very first incarnation of the foxymitts website, when it was on blogspot nearly nine years ago! Was beginning the painfully slow process of updating my Ravelry account, and procrastinated by browsing through

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Tunip the Vegimal

Or perhaps, my life has been taken over by the Octonauts? As you may have guessed from that line alone, Felix has taken to watching (and demanding) the Octonauts whenever we put on the TV for her – though she

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In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming

Or he’s chilling on my sofa, reading the rules to Call Of Cthulhu, the RPG. This is a cute, snuggly, knitted version of the cosmic entity, Cthuhlu, created by H. P. Lovecraft back in 1928. I’ve made a few of

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Bit more progress

Had another busy week (both real life and online) and managed to get a few more things back up and running for the site! My sister Rabbie, aka themagpiesnest, whose knitted (and sewn, and baked) goodies can be found here, or

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Something’s happening…

Firstly, Crumble complained that Salem and Sabrina were receiving too much attention and that she should have her photo posted. Now that I’ve finished bowing to the cats every demand, on to my readers/watchers/followers commands! Both the Axolotl pattern and

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