Pusheen Cat Scarf

My neice is a huge fan of Pusheen, and subsequently I decided she needed a Pusheen scarf for winter! But after some searching, couldn’t find any knitted ones, so…this was made!

I’ve been trying to use up my stash so held my wool double/triple stranded to obtain a nice thick cosy fabric. As such, guage isn’t incredibly important.

The scarf starts with a provisional cast on, worked in the round, and then the back legs and tail are worked into the scarf by binding off and working small groups of stitches in the round. The provisional cast on is removed and the front legs worked in the same manner. The stripes are knit separate and sewn on and the face sewn on at the end.

You can easily change the colours and add/remove stripes to make a variety of cat scarfs. Have fun!

Light brown/grey wool for body
Dark brown/grey wool for tail, stripes and face
6.5mm dpns or side needed to obtain guage

St(s) = Stitch(es)
CO = Cast on
K# = knit # stitches
BO = Bind off

13 stitches and 17 rows = 10 cm in stockinette stitch


CO 28sts using a provisional cast on in the light brown/grey
Divide across four needles and work in the round for desired length (example is 145cm)
Next round: K3, BO3, K2, BO3, K6, BO3, K2, BO3, K3 – (when folded flat, the sts should line up as a group of six, a group of four and another group of six. This makes a leg, the tail and another leg)
Work the first set of 6sts in round for 7 rows, cut yarn and thread through remaining sts.
Attach yarn to start of the other group of 6sts, work in round for 7 rows, cut yarn and thread through remaining sts.
Attach darker yarn to start of 4sts, this is for the tail, work 3 rounds dark grey, 3 rounds light, 3 rounds dark, 3 rounds light, 5 rounds dark, cut yarn and thread through remaining sts.
Pick up provisional cast on, (28sts) K3, BO8, K6, BO8, K3, (this makes the two front paws) work 6sts in round for 7 rows, cut yarn and thread through remaining sts. Repeat for other 6 sts.

Stripes (make 2)

The stripes are knit separate so that they could be placed just either side of the halfway mark of the scarf. Alternatively, these could be knitted into the scarf to save on sewing.

CO 14sts in dark grey/brown
Row 1 – K all sts
Row 2 – P all sts
Row 3 – K all sts
BO purl-wise.


Tuck in all loose threads. Sew top and bottom edges between legs and tail closed. Sew on face – use an actual Pusheen image for placement, or alternatively, make up your own. Wear and enjoy!

Pattern is on Ravelry, so if you make one or many, please put photos up!

Pattern is copyright to Foxymitts.co.uk, do not use pattern to sell or make for profit.