Foxy Mitts! (Pattern)

Foxy Mitts!

My first ever pattern, and where I got my online name. Must be getting on…8 years since I wrote this?

I feel old now.

6½ mm needles
2 x 50g balls brown fluffy wool
4 x 50g balls red fluffy wool
1 x 50g ball white fluffy wool
NB: If you feel your fluffy wool isn’t giving a thick enough fabric, you can mix it was a strand of matching coloured DK wool.

Wristwarmer (make 2)
With 6 ½ mm needles and brown fur, cast on 30sts.
Work in st-st for 6 rows
Row 7 – knit 13 sts, cast off 4, knit to end
Row 8 – purl 13, cast on 4, purl to end, cont in st-st until;
Row 35 – change to red fur, cont to 50 rows, cast off.

Legwarmer (make 2)
With 6 ½ mm needles and brown fur, cast on 50sts.
Work in st-st for 34 rows, dec at beginning and end of every 8th row, 42 stitches remaining.
Row 35 – change to red fur
Continue pattern, until row 48.
Next 4 rows, dec at each end
Cont straight for next 1 row, cast off.

Tail (make 1)
With 6 ½ mm needles and red fur/wool combo, cast on 10sts.
Work in st-st for 12 rows, inc at beginning and end of every 4th row to 16 sts
Inc both sides of every 2nd row, work 20 rows like this, 36 sts
Inc both sides every 5th row, work  10 rows like this, 40 sts
The next 20 rows is when the white integrates with the red to form the tip, in the worked example a swirly motif was used – I would never, ever recommend swirls with furry wool. Zig zags, or even straight would be more suitable, and easier. So insert your own motif in here for the next 20 rows.
Decrease both sides of every row until 10 sts remain, cut and pull thread through remaining stitches. Sew edges together.

And there you have it, your own set of Foxy Mitts!

Pattern copyright to not to be made or sold for profit

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