Companion Cube Pattern



4mm Needles
3mm Needles
Light grey DK
Dark grey DK
Bright pink DK
Foam block
Soft polyfill type stuffing

Sides (make 6)
In dark grey, with 4mm needles, CO 20sts, st-st 25 rows, BO

Edge (make 12)
In light grey, with 3mm needles, CO 6sts, st-st 8 rows, BO

Corner (make 24)
In light grey, with 3mm needles, CO 12sts, st-st 7 rows starting with a P row
BO 4sts, K across row
*Dec 1 st at end of row, K1 row* 3 times (5 sts)
P 1 row, BO

Circle (make 6)
In light grey, with 3 mm needles, CO 3sts
*Inc 1st and last st, P1 row* to 11sts
St-st 2 rows
*Dec 1st and last st, P1 row* to 3 sts. Break yarn and thread through remaining sts.

Heart (make 6)
In bright pink, with 3mm needles, CO 2sts
*Inc 1st and last st, P 1 row* to 8 sts
K2tog, K2, turn, P2tog, P1, turn, K2tog, pull yarn and cut. Reattach yarn to remaining sts on needle.
K2sts, K2tog
P1 st, P2tog
K2tog, pull yarn and cut.

 To make, sew six ‘side’ pieces around foam block. Sew three ‘corner’ pieces together using photo as a guide, sew these onto each corner of the cube and add stuffing to give a firm 3-D texture. Using bright pink DK, make long braids and wrap around cube, creating lines. Pin these roughly in place before sewing ‘edge’ and ‘circles’ onto cube, these will secure them in place. Alternatively, you can thread the braids underneath the edge and circle pieces if you’ve sewn them on first. Lastly, sew on hearts and then love.

Just remember, the cake is a lie, and even though this cube wont stab you, it isn’t fire proof!

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