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Hi all, Apologies for not posting last week – been having a number of security issues. Some of you may remember that I had to take down my site a few years ago, strip it and start again because some

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Road map playmat – of doom!

Or perhaps the road map playmat of Sods Law. Super cute blanket, but I had a bit of a nightmare making it! Let me tell you my tale of woe… I was stash busting, as you know, my current goal

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A commission from work, made loosely following the ‘dinosaur toy’ pattern from ‘nursery knits for boys’ by sirdar. He’s turned into a cutie I must admit, but I could only work on this whenever Felix wasn’t around/paying attention in case

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A tale of two crocodiles

Several years ago, before Felix, I made myself a crocodile scarf (the pattern was from an old let’s knit magazine) and after wearing it that winter, it got shoved into the box of spare scarves and gloves and forgotten. One

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New year…

New wool count! Wool Count down: Starting total – 697 balls Wool used – 0 Total – 697 I managed to use 120 balls last year, let’s see if I can make as good a dent on the stash this

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Have a hatty christmas!

Baby Yoda hat! A request from work, based loosely on the free pattern ‘Baby Yoda Knit Hat’ by Shinah Chang A pineapple hat – another request – free pattern by Chile Con Yarne – as well as a plain black one

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A little touch of Christmas

Something I always wanted as a kid was a Christmas Stocking. A proper big one. A special one, that was just for me. This year, I made three. One for Felix: One for Engel: And mine! They’re all based on

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If I was a deep one…

Tra la la la la… Life’s been manic the past two weeks – Felix had her second birthday, there was a surprise family visit, Thomas day out, kicking off a new Call of Cthuhlu campaign, and work, work, work… Like

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Of Owls and doggy blankets

It’s been another busy week. Work, team building day involving playing Rambo by shooting my work colleagues and superiors with laser guns running about the woods, the conclusion to Cthuhlu: Horror on the Orient Express (it was epic, and so

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Busy busy…

That describes my whole week. It’s been a very intensive training course, Felix has decided to hit the terrible twos a few months early this week and with Engel out of action after nearly cutting his finger off with an

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