Biggles and Tinky-Winkles

The title made me giggle…

Anyhow! Let’s start with Biggles. Ages ago, I knit Inkling an Aviator hat, which, from the moment I first put it on him, has been referred to as the Biggles Hat. This hat has been excellent with the cold weather, and it’s super cute.

So, moving on, we have a but of a tradition in my little household where everyone gets a gift on Christmas Eve which is of the warm and wooly variety so that they don’t get eaten by the Yule Cat.

Seriously, it’s a real thing!

(We find it helps ease the super excitement of presents on Christmas Day when the kids are at the point they can’t wait any longer and must open something!)

So, we all got socks and/or jumpers and/or gloves, and I couldn’t leave out Missy, especially as we were all staying at my sister’s! So she got…

Isn’t she adorable in it? More of that on her blog!

And now onto…Mrs Tiggly-Winks! Whom I found tidying up my loganberry in the front garden…

And possibly the only knit that I’m more proud of the back than I am of the front!

Out of all the Alan Dart Beatrix Potter knits that I’ve done so far, she is definitely the most complex! Especially those FIFTY quills individually sewn onto her bonnet, back and bustle!

Now onto the next project – one I definitely need sunglasses for!

Wool Count

Starting total – 576

Wool used – 2 (Hooray!)
Wool bought – 2 (it was necessary for a planned project!)
Wool given – 0
Wool gifted – 0

Total – 576 (no change…)

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One comment on “Biggles and Tinky-Winkles
  1. Rabbie says:

    Tiggywinkle turned out beautifully, and is definitely worth the effort!

    Missy always looks slightly forlorn and serious, and with her new snood, seeking out her next adventure! We all absolutely love it!

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