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Have a craft fair coming up in November (more about it nearer the time) and for that, I needed bunnies.

Lots of bunnies. (After this photo, they were left unattended and I came back to find 26)

And as I was knitting bunnies, I needed inspiration, in the form of a work colleagues baby bunny, Hector.

He was subsequently reproduced in wool form.

Coincidentally, that day she brought me in sweets. We both left feeling like we got the better end if the deal…

Oh, and because it made me laugh…

So that’s how they make maltesers…

Next week is Felix’s birthday, and there’s a lot to do on top of daily life and work so going to leave it here for today, till next week!

Wool Count

Starting total – 576

Wool used – 85 (3 used)
Wool bought – 19
Wool given – 157 (2 as birthday presents!)
Wool gifted – 31

Total – 638

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On a dishy…

When the boat comes in!

Now, this post isn’t to do with the fish (though its a lovely free Ravelry pattern ‘striped fish‘ by Nettas Knits, though mine is a plain silver/grey, not striped) its all about the plate.

Yes, the plate.

As part of the cat commission I did a while ago I was asked to knit a replica of the plate they used to eat from, and a little snack too. So, here’s the original plate:

And here’s the knitted one:

The plate itself was easy – pinwheel increase, blue purl edge, pinwheel decrease, plastic plate inside with holes drilled in to allow the wool to be fixed and shaped.

The embroidery though! 3 hours! Worth it though for the look of shock it received.

Never again though. Never!

In other news – busy week. Been dying of the plague at work, craft fair Friday, and two of my friends had joint birthday celebrations on Saturday. I did knit a little something for the occasion, but I’ll blog about that next week – there’s a saga involved and I need to get quite a few photos together!

Wool Count down:
Starting total – 747 balls
Extra stash found – 20 balls (so far)
Wool used – 107 (3 this past week!)
Wool given – 3
Wool bought – 45

Total – 710

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I know its only November, and I’m breaking one of my own cardinal rules, but I’m going to talk about Christmas.

(Normally I don’t talk about it till December, I get the shopping done in January mind you, but I don’t actually like the whole festive thing till December)

But I have a two year old and she knows what Christmas is all about: presents!

And in my case, craft fairs. So, some Christmas knits! Its all tree decorations, and I’ll state now, not all of these are stock, a lot of them are because Felix saw the pattern and then demanded ‘mummy make! Mummy make me happy!’

How can I refuse?

So, onto the photos!

Advent Tree: Candy Cane Heart by Alan Dart (expect to see more of these patterns, Felix wants the lot, except the elf…

Free online Santa hat (tree decoration sized) pattern. Its Knitted Santa Hat Christmas Ornament Pattern by Linda Dawkins.

Felix loves stars, I think its cause she sees them in the shops and they’re bright and sparkly…so this was a must. Free Ravelry pattern called Stjarna by Karolina Eckerdal. These ones are knit in a sparkly silver wool, for extra cuteness!

And last but not least, based loosely on the free Ravelry pattern ‘Oh Balls!‘ by Marcie Nishioka, with some creative colour changes and additions…



and Christmas puds – oh my!

What else? Not a lot bar work and DIY and life…oh, wool count! 6 Balls since last post (and one was a 500g one too!)

Wool Count down:
Starting total – 747 balls
Extra stash found – 20 balls (so far)
Wool used – 104
Wool given – 3
Wool bought – 45

Total – 713

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For going so long without an update. Life has been…well, life.

Mostly the usual, work, Felix, chores, it was however Engel’s birthday this weekend, and I’ve been putting a lot of effort into our rpg call of cthuhlu campaign as we started one on his birthday last year, and its the groups first anniversary of gaming, and another birthday for him.

I’ll go into more detail another time about our gaming group, but suffice to say that if presented with three options, in game, they will take the tenth.

I’m not kidding.


I spent five hours winging two parts of a campaign together that they completely bypassed the important bits of and found what they were after by sheer luck, then moved on, with none of the information to actually proceed.

Its good fun, just hard work.

So time has been rather short, and something had to give and it was the blog. But only for a fortnight!

Next week I aim to have an interesting post with some photos and knitting…

But for now, you’ll have to settle on the wool count. Its gone down by eight since the last update!

Wool Count down:
Starting total (28Feb15) – 747 balls
Extra stash found – 10 balls (so far)
Wool used – 44 (Yeah!)
Wool given – 3
Wool bought – 3

Total – 719

Oh, and a week  Saturday I’m attending a craft fair! Its for the Rabbit Rescue Trust North West

Poster below with details.


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Last week my eldest sister was in the area so decided to pay me and Little Felix a visit. (OK, she was just visiting Felix, but I can try and muscle in on the quality family time) Brother in law, niece and nephew were also here and I can sum it up pretty well as a whirlwind of activity.

On Tuesday my niece and nephew played with Sakura:

My Chilean Rose tarantula

Isn’t she adorable? My niece saw her the week before on Skype so was desperate to hold her, and my nephew just loves anything that moves. Amazingly, my big sister who is terrified of spiders actually held her. On a bet mind made by her husband. For £50. For 10 seconds.

Subsequently, my niece wanted a tarantula. A real one wouldn’t be allowed to step a furry leg into her house, so I knitted one for her in the requested colours of purple and green. I found this out last week so had the time to make it for her!

From ‘knitted pets’ by Susie Johns

And I couldn’t leave my nephew out, who requested a ‘lizard’, with so little time, (one evening) I made him a tiny crocodile.

From Knitting Mochimochi: 20 Super-Cute Strange Designs for Knitted Amigurumi by Anna Hrachovec

They got to take these home with them on Wednesdays visit. This visit also involved a lot of finger paint – my big sister wanted to get all the grand-kids hand prints together, though Felix wouldn’t co-operate (she was just over 3 weeks at this point!) so her footprint was used instead.

I had a fun time explaining why there was paint everywhere to Engel when he got home from work, and even more as to why Felicity was now red and blue…but it all washed off so she’s back to her normal colour!

What else happened this week? A meal with Engels extended family which Felix slept throughout (hooray!) though i was (jokingly) accused  of drugging her milk with sleeping tablets…the next day she decided to be awake for nearly three hours just to make up for it, I’m sure…

Last but not least I’ll be attending a craft fair this Sunday at the Hazel Grove Conservative Club, Manchester, open from 1 till 5. Its raising money for the RSPCA and there’s a raffle which all stallholders will be donating a prize to.

Hmm. I’d better get knitting that prize…

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