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Just spent about forty minutes trying to work out why I couldn’t login to write this week’s blog post…after mithering Engel he managed to fix it in under five minutes…

Something about my . htaccess file…?

Anyhow, because did that I’ve pretty much forgotten what I was going to write about. I have no new finished projects to show this week as I’m working on another big one and have had next to zero time to actually do any knitting… There’s a lot to do in the run up, to the run up before the mad rush before Christmas. (If that made sense to you then you know exactly what I’m getting at)

Ah, now I remember!

Ok, Christmas, no new projects but I did find two old ones that never got put online anywhere! And they’re both cute quick Christmas knits as well!

This is a particularly cute free pattern – Snowman Christmas Ornament by Barbara Breiter – that uses up any old oddments of wool, and which Felix helped decorate with beads and glue!

This is also another cute free knitting pattern – Christmas tree by Baiba Dzelme – and again one Felix helped with (she glued the buttons on which I secured afterwards with thread) and topped with a little bell!

Hopefully I’ll have something new to show next week!

Starting total – 650

Wool used – 139 (1 this post)
Wool bought – 49
Wool given – 135
Wool gifted – 59

Total – 632

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Hi all,

Apologies for not posting last week – been having a number of security issues. Some of you may remember that I had to take down my site a few years ago, strip it and start again because some moron with too much time hacked into it.

Since then, I’ve learned. As such, I’ve had no issues until the last fortnight where I’ve been getting multiple failed attempts of people trying to log in, judging by the times, it’s an automatic system but still, it’s irritating.

Why anyone wants to hack a knitting blog of very low notoriety I don’t know, but there you have it.

So rather than blogging, I’ve been beefing up my security, again, as I do not want to start this site over again.

Now that my rant is done, cute turtle time!

It’s based on a free online pattern called ‘Duuuude, the sea turtle‘ by Cheezombie. Only changes are the front flippers and the eyes. It’s super cute and works up fast – I actually have an army of them forming! I think there’s 14 last count, but I lost track after the fifth one.

There’s been so many turtles I’ve used up five balls of wool! OK, they were all partial balls, between 15-30g but I just started on a full 100g one so let’s see how many turtles i get out of a full ball!

Unless I get bored. in which case I have an alarmingly long list of things I fancy making!

Till next post.

Starting total – 697

Wool used – 84 (5 since last post)
Wool bought – 9
Wool given – 4

Total – 626

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Hello world!

Due to all the problems with wordpress, hosting and generally laziness we’ve decided to reboot the foxymitts website.

So coming soon. a whole new foxymitts look and content… maybe.

Patterns and the old content will be restored as soon as possible but due to off-line commitments we’re not sure how long this will be.

Salem and Sabrina will be ensuring work gets done to their standards.


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