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The knit project for this week is exactly what it says on the blog post title.

Elmer and friends:

Left to right: Generic grey elephant, Wilbur, Elmer and Rosie

I made these based on the free Lion Brand Yarn pattern Sweet Mini Elephant – Rosie is the only one knit as written, but in smaller needles, the rest are worked in multiples of 5 stitches where possible. Oh, and the tallest is just three inches tall! So tiny elephants!

Unlike my previous Elmer’s I would willingly knit these again – which is good as I suspect I’ll be making more as presents!

This set will be making its way up to Scotland to the school my mum works at – like the Hungry caterpillar set and the stubborn goat, they’ll be used as teaching aids with the autistic children she works with.

Knitting aside, I’ve been brushing up on the rules for ‘No Thank you Evil!’ – an RPG aimed at introducing kids as young as 4 into the world of role playing. My sister, her husband and their furbaby Missy are coming to visit and we’re going to give it s trial run before I try playing it with Felix – get all the bugs worked out first!

I think this may be the only game however that, as I read the rules and the setting, I actually want to be a player! There’s just so much scope, you can literally be anything!

Engel has broken the character generation system already. His creation? An incorporeal ghost cat who travels through time with his companion Syphilis who has the ability ’embiggen’ so can turn into a giant raging monster.

After I sighed at him, he grinned and declared that actually, he wanted his character to be Syphilis.

Trying not to kill him, I enquired how he planned to communicate with the other players. His response: With a series of awkward rashes.

I’ll leave it at that for today.

Starting total – 622

Wool used – 9 (2 this week)
Wool bought – 0
Wool given – 1
Wool gifted – 0

Total – 614

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When Felix was very little, I knitted her a Cthulhu (my very own pattern too) and kept meaning to knit one for Inkling.

Well procrastinate no more, here is the cute tiny Elder God in all his tentacular glory!

After knitting Cthulhu I decided that whilst I was on a roll I’d try another free Lovecraftian pattern I had spied previously:

The Great Race of Yith by Samantha Lynn – I omitted the pipe cleaners and beads the pattern calls for to make it more baby chewing friendly.

(I was going to knit just one, but you can’t have a race with just one!)

The Yith are one of the lesser known Lovecraftian creations, but Inkling seems to enjoy swinging them by their various appendages…

Also this week (I was on a knitting roll! Though I did ignore my big project) my mum requested I make The Stubborn Goat, as another teaching aid.

Made using the free pattern Fester The Whole Goat by Jenny Stacey

I am now debating knitting Shub-Niggurath (The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young) since I’m on a Lovecraft inspired knitting kick…

Then Felix said Id have to knit a thousand baby goats. That idea has now been shelved…

Starting total – 650

Wool used – 131 (6 this post!)
Wool bought – 49
Wool given – 135
Wool gifted – 59

Total – 640 (Will I get below 600 this year?)

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