Elmer the elephant

Packed his trunk and said goodbye to the – wait, that was Nellie, this is Elmer:

Technical details first – I followed the ‘Eddie the Elephant’ pattern by Ann Franklin from the May 2015 edition of ‘Love Knitting for Baby’s.

When I saw it last year, I knew it would be used to make this project. Took getting the actual books and for Felix to give me the puppy eyes to have it jump the knitting queue and get made!

(For those who don’t know, here’s the Wiki link to who/what Elmer is all about)

I’m 99% sure he’ll be remaining as a one if a kind knit by me though. He was actually very easy to knit, and to sew, but all those colour changes…

All 156 of them…

Would happily reknit this plain, or in just two colours, but this won’t be getting remade until the memory of those colour changes has been forgotten!

I managed to use up quite a few of my tiny scrap balls making him, but only four where part of the wool count (when I get to less than 5g of wool, it’s counted as used and moved to the scraps box, so all bar four of the balls of wool I used in their entirety have been counted as finished previously)

Without further ado, the wool count!

Starting total – 697

Wool used – 90
Wool bought – 9
Wool given – 4

Total – 620

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6 comments on “Elmer the elephant
  1. Rachel says:

    He looks amazing!

  2. Janice Wilson says:

    Where do I purchase the pattern? It goes so well with the great book!

    Janice Wilson

    • Roxy says:

      Its the ‘Eddie the Elephant’ pattern by Ann Franklin from the May 2015 edition of ‘Love Knitting for Baby’ as far as I’m aware it’s otherwise no longer in print, but you can buy a PDF from her ravelry store

  3. Heather says:

    Did you keep a list of colour order? I’m attempting this and keep getting lost with original only being two ? thank you ? yours looks amazing x

  4. Heather says:

    Can you remember how you did this?! I’m struggling to see it but my lb really wants to knit one

    • Roxy says:

      Apologies for the delay in answering – I got all my scrap dk weight odds and ends and just mixed and matched them. I followed the pattern as written except each square was whichever colour I happened to pull out. Sorry that’s not much help!

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