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Some of you may remember this time last year I was knitting fish for Felix’s birthday party, it was for a game called ‘Feed the Shark’. This year it’s been demanded to make a return but, seeing as this year’s

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Feed the Shark!

It was Felix’s fourth birthday on Thursday, and subsequently we had a party for her, her friends and school friends. At her request, we had an Octonauts themed party – pin the eyepatch on Kwazii, Octonaut skittles, paper plate whales,

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From the never before posted anywhere archives!

And by that I mean Ravelry, Deviantart and here! Was reorganising Felix’s room (moving toys upstairs, moving others downstairs, moving some furniture about to better position everything…) And spotted two knitted things that, as previously mentioned, have never been posted.

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Blast from the past

Anyone remember this? Was my header for the very first incarnation of the foxymitts website, when it was on blogspot nearly nine years ago! Was beginning the painfully slow process of updating my Ravelry account, and procrastinated by browsing through

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Tunip the Vegimal

Or perhaps, my life has been taken over by the Octonauts? As you may have guessed from that line alone, Felix has taken to watching (and demanding) the Octonauts whenever we put on the TV for her – though she

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