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Back in June, some of you may remember that I knitted a number of hobgoblin hats. (It spanned three posts, so three links.) Not too long afterwards Rabbie came to visit – a great weekend even if nothing went to plan – and brought her hubby, Missy and a very good friend of there’s, now known as The Goblin King.

This is due entirely to him running around, wearing Engels hobgoblin hat (based on the Wychwoods Hobgoblin ‘King Goblin’ beer) to humour a then four year old despite it being 30C…

Anyway, he’s gone down in Felix’s childhood history as ‘The Goblin King’ and frequently brings him up as such in conversation.

So, it had to be done. Drumroll please!

A King Goblin hobgoblin hat, just for the Goblin King! (Once again used the free pattern Oblio’s Cap by Emily Anna Bingham)

The hat has been photographed with Engels hat and a bottle of the relevant beer so you can see what it’s based on. And a keg of straight up Hobgoblin.

Engel likes his dark beers.

Though he humoured me by getting a bottle of the IPA Hobgoblin so I could get a photograph of each hat with the relevant beer! They make a good set, don’t they?

The plan is to post the hat up to the Goblin King for Christmas, with no explanation given as to why he’s recieved it. Just for the giggles.

That is, if I can get Crumble to give it back…

Starting total – 622

Wool used – 84 (1 used!)
Wool bought – 27
Wool given – 12 (5 tiny balls have been added that I was allowed to hand dye!)
Wool gifted – 0

Total – 577

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Look who else has been sneaking into my Pak choi!

It’s Peter Rabbit! As with Flopsy Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny, this is another Alan Dart pattern. I really am enjoying these, and debating who to knit next!

I do have a few in between projects though that need doing before I start the next one, so I have plenty of time to decide.

Oh, following on from my post last week:

Engels hats now have stars and moons! Thanks to Rabbie for the idea of using felt – so much quicker!

Only a short post today as it’s Father’s Day and I think Inkling and Felix have exhausted poor Engel!

Too cute!

Wool count:

Starting total – 622

Wool used – 45 (0 since last post)
Wool bought – 6
Wool given – 5
Wool gifted – 0

Total – 585

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Following on from my last post, Hobgoblins, I have finished Engel’s request of making two more…

Engel’s hat, based on Wychwoods ‘KingGoblin’…

And for Inkling, Wychwoods IPA Hobgoblin…

Both based on the free pattern Oblio’s Cap by Emily Anna Bingham (I increased the sts and rows for Engels hat, decreased them both for Inklings)

So, it only took me making three hats to get my original one back, just in time for another spell of hot weather… sigh…

I have, however, managed to cast on Peter Rabbit, fingers crossed he’ll be fine next post, but no promises I won’t get distracted and/or my knitting commandeered!

On a tangent to that, I was looking at ‘top 25 scientific knitting patterns’ and one of them was a computer hat – a beanie featuring CRT monitors – and I showed it to Engel asking if he’d like a hat like that.

His response was no, he wanted one showing John Von Neumann Architecture

I really should learn not to ask his opinions on things…

Wool count:

Starting total – 622

Wool used – 45 (2 since last post)
Wool bought – 6
Wool given – 5
Wool gifted – 0

Total – 585



While proofreading Engel demanded to know why his hat didn’t have stars and moons on it… Sigh.

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About a decade ago I knit a green night cap (it was vaguely supposed to be based on Links hat from The Legend of Zelda, but I was winging the pattern whilst taking turns playing the game, so take that as you will)

Anyhow, I have thick hair, so in the winter months after I’ve washed it at night, I pop on my hat and go to bed (yes, I know going to bed with wet hair is supposed to give you a cold, no, it doesn’t actually give you one and no, I won’t hairdryer it as the only times I tried took an hour and it was still damp in places).

This past winter, Felix had taken to stealing my hat when she had her hair washed, and I would steal it back when I washed mine. A few weeks ago she pointed at a t-shirt Engel was wearing and stated ”I want a red night hat like that!’

The t-shirt happened to be a Wychwood brewery Hobgoblin T-shirt (the classic ‘lagerboy’ one).

After we explained that the red hat was a hobgoblin hat, it was agreed that she would return my green one in exchange for her own hobgoblin hat.

Its a bit big, but she’ll grow into it (I know I generally don’t post photos with people in, but I wanted to get one showing the drape and Felix refused to let me put it on anything else!). Made using the free pattern Oblio’s Cap by Emily Anna Bingham – very easy pattern to follow, and a pretty quick, simple knit all things considered.

Which is good, as Engel has pointed out that there are more Hobgoblin beers, in fact, the King-goblin would suit him, and wouldn’t Inkling look adorable in the IPA Hobgoblin hat?…

Guess what my next knits are?

As an aside, last May I posted that I had discovered some Tribbles in my wool stash, and despite attempts of extermination, found more not once, but twice!

Well, sadly, the originally caught specimens are showing their age, and one has also passed on through the wooly gates…so I went to see if there were any survivors lurking in the wool stash…

Yep. Found six more!

Till next week!

Wool count:

Starting total – 622

Wool used – 43 (1 since last post)
Wool bought – 6
Wool given – 5
Wool gifted – 0

Total – 587

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