Optimist Prime or Negatron?

Usually I’m a realist, but in this case I can transform myself.

Yeah, I know, what a bunch of beryllium baloney…

I can hear the Gears and Ratchets turning, but I imagine most of you will already know where this is going… So let’s transform and roll out!

Inkling is about to turn seven (I have no idea where the years have gone) and wants a few friends round for his birthday.

But what to make for a bunch of unruly Constructicons lest they transform into Devastator?

Well, coincidentally, Inklings birthday is also the 40 year anniversary of the classic Transformers Movie (that is no Mirage, the movie is older than me). The same movie Inkling has watched about a hundred times as a small child growing up.

When Engel ‘casually’ mentioned there was a cinema screening of that very same movie on his birthday…well, problem solved! But what to make?

Autobot hats! Cute, practical, great stash buster, and not a lot of sewing etc required. (This is my own basic intarsia hat pattern that lives in my head, just so you know.) But there’s something missing…

For one to stand and one to fall, we need a deception in the mix. And it’s hardly a Shockwave that Felix has claimed this one as hers!

In other news, viking events are picking up so expect to start seeing some of that creeping in!

I also, for full disclosure, had a very weak moment after being given 6 balls of gorgeous wool at an insanely good price, had to go and buy a further nine… Its an alpaca, yak and lambswool blend! Its like energon to a dinobot – me grimlock, grimlock like soft wool… But I have ploughed through a load of wool this week and used up loads of odds and ends and scraps in the hats and a few other projects!

Until next post, stay safe!

Has to be done: Bah weep gragnah weep nini bong!

Wool Count

Starting total – 841

Wool used – 41 (Up by twelve!)
Wool unaccounted for in my stash – 15
Wool bought – 19 (Up by 9)
Wool given to me – 25 (Up by 6)
Wool gifted to others – 2
Wool handspun – 6

Total – 865 (Net difference: +24)

My goal this year is to break even, it’s the best I can hope for at this rate…

3 comments on “Optimist Prime or Negatron?
  1. Timbercat says:

    Now the real question is… Can I persuade little Inkling that he is going to go straight from 6 to 8 like I almost managed last year with 5 to 7…?

  2. Rabbie says:

    Love the hats! Far better than any party bags.

    I can’t believe Inkling is going to be 7 though, that’s just insane to me…

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