Double Trouble

That sums up our little ginger kitties we got at the very start of the plague, and as such, they are called Lockdown and Outbreak. Mischief and Mayhem would also have suited. Or given their current bout of hunting, Ronnie and Reggie…

But that aside, I have a grand plan of dying fleece to spin then knit each of our kitties. I started this adventure with the queen of the house, now dearly departed, Crumble. So following from there, and given the various shades of orange and brown I have dyed my fleece in the quest of the perfect Missy wool, the ginger kittens where an ideal choice.

And so, without further ado:

Cute, aren’t they? I used the Cat in a Bag pattern by Anna Hrachovec and made two sets, so myself and Engel can take them to work. Lockdown is in the green bag, and Outbreak the pink, which was their original cat collar colours. I won’t lie, that really bright pop of colour on my work desk cheers me up no end!

Outbreak though doesn’t look quite so amused!

Now to decide which kitty to knit next – Dashie or Ziggy? And which one of the cute cozy cat patterns to knit them in!

It’s been a busy week here, but not a bad kind of busy though, which is good! We’re all in good spirits as well, only a few more sleeps till it’s Inklings fourth birthday! Crazy how time has flown…

Till next week, stay safe!

Wool Count

Starting total – 897

Wool used – 74 (10 this week)
Wool bought – 3
Wool given to me – 21
Wool gifted to others – 1
Wool handspun – 8

Total – 854

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2 comments on “Double Trouble
  1. Rabbie says:

    Those are adorable! I feel Dashie is an easier knit, so needs a really elaborate thing to sit in…
    You must tell us how the rockets went down at Inklings nursery!

    • Roxy says:

      That she does!

      As for Inklings party bag rockets, we’ll find out Wednesday – I am expecting chaos though!

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