Stick a pony in me pocket…

I’ll fetch the suitcase from the van…

Yep, this week’s car is the iconic Reliant Robin, best known as that strange three wheel monstrosity driven in  ‘Only Fools and Horses.

It makes me laugh though that both Felix and Inkling insist that the cars are broken as they don’t have enough wheels! Felix even told me to knit another wheel for it…

On to non knitted car, but still knitting news, I am one wedge away from finishing my other project that I have on the needles – it’s been my out and about and at work project, hence the slow progress…but more will be revealed next week!

As for non knitting news entirely, works been busy, like always, with changes in management which always makes things interesting. Too interesting. But enough about that.

We did DiggerLand in Yorkshire today, which was surprisingly fun, though Inkling wanted to go on everything but was too small for most of it, and Felix was the right size but put off by the sheer size of the machinery.

The digger and it’s construction cousins, are not small.

Alright, time for the wool count!

Wool Count

Starting total – 576

Wool used – 26 (1 this week! And a few so very close to finishing!)
Wool bought – 13
Wool given – 155
Wool gifted – 31

Total – 687

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One comment on “Stick a pony in me pocket…
  1. Rabbie says:

    Those are brilliant!

    And poor Inkling and Felix – sounds like a repeat visit in a few years is in order 🙂 hope they still had fun anyway.

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