I am driving in my car…

Its not quite a Jaguar…

Its actually a Bumblebee!

Ok, very loosely based on the classic Transformers cartoon Bumblebee, when he was a Bug, not a fancy sports car, but it’s good enough for the terrors!

Next on the car list is something you’re more likely to find owned by a fast talking salesman in South London…

But more about that next week.

Short post as it’s been all go for the past month really and it’s seriously catching up on me!

No wool count either this week – it hasn’t changed at all, but next week, fingers crossed, it will go down a few!

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2 comments on “I am driving in my car…
  1. Rabbie says:

    Such a versatile patter! Love the bumblebee.

    I’m seriously hoping for a Reliant Robin next week…

    Hope things calm down a bit for you!

  2. Roxy says:

    Fingers crossed they do!

    And bingo, you guessed correct with the reliant robin!

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