Nothing to see here…

No, really, there isn’t anything.

I’ve been plodding on with the cat ears and tails, but as I’m waiting till they’re all done to photograph it, there’s obviously no photo for this blog.

There is another project in the needles now too – a last request from someone at work before I leave in two weeks. It’s a baby dress, for their grandchild of unknown gender. They’ve decided that if the grandchild is a boy, the dress will go the person at work who is having a girl. If the grandchild is a girl, well, they keep the dress.

But that’s on the needles, so no photos.

Really was nothing to see this blog.

I was going to do a ‘from the archives’ post but it’s been a very long week, and a hectic day, with tomorrow planned to be just as hectic! This is what happens when I juggle motherhood, full time work and a social life mind you.

So, anything else to mention? Only six balls of wool used this week, not as epic as last week’s twenty four, but not a number to sniff at either!

See you next week.

Starting total – 697 balls
Wool used – 52 (6 this week!)
Wool bought – 9

Total – 654

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