This time last year…

I was working on a christening shawl, made in very fine cotton, for my then boss’s little one christening in Australia. The finished result, looked like:

Lovely, isn’t it? Its a free pattern, Hemlock Ring Blanket by Jared Flood. The pattern suggests a cozy wool and 6mm needles, I worked this with 2ply cotton and 4.5mm, I think, maybe 4mm.

Why do I mention this knit of mine from the archives? Because this year I’m knitting Engel a throw and a baby blanket for an expectant friend at the moment. Both these projects are very slow going, as is the nature with blankets, so I had nothing interesting to show this week…

This week has also been horrid as I’ve spent the entire time revising for two exams that I had on Friday. At least it was a bank holiday weekend to recover with! Helped along with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream, a giant bar of Galaxy chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate cake and cupcakes…and lots and lots of family time with Engel and Felix, which despite my love for knitting, come first.

So those are the reasons why not one ball of wool has been used this week. And why my wool count has actually increased by ten…it was commiseration wool! Very nice, very squishy, commiseration wool!

Wool Count down:
Starting total (28Feb15) – 747 balls
Extra stash found – 20 balls (so far)
Wool used – 66
Wool given – 3
Wool bought – 13

Total – 718

See you next week!

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2 comments on “This time last year…
  1. Rachel says:

    I will forever be impressed with lacework, I just don have the patience or inclination for it…!

    Looking forward to seeing the other blankets 🙂

    • Roxy says:

      I love lacework, picking the pattern, choosing the wool, seeing it blossom on the needles…

      Shame about the dropping stitches, ripping half of it out at a time and then the actual casting off and finishing…

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