And so Christmas begins…

Even though it’s early (for us) the pleading eyes of Felix and Inkling have led to the Christmas tree being put up, the decorations festooned around the house, and the Christmas knits are falling off the needles.

If only I had more hands and time to work on all the things I want made for Christmas…

One project that I have finished however was a request from Felix. She wanted to give everyone in her class both a present and card. After a bit of negotiation, we agreed to a small Christmas tree decoration for each child and no cards.

I suggested candy canes, as they are quick and easy and cute, but what did she want?

Stockings. Little advent stockings, like the ones I have made for her and Inkling. Sigh…

There’s 33 there. 29 for her classmates, 2 for the childminders children, 1 for her teacher and 1 for the teaching assistant.

They went down well, but I hope to not knit anymore! At least for the rest of the year! (Pattern is free, Christmas Stockings by Amanda Berry)

How goes everyone else’s Christmas preparations?

Wool Count

Starting total – 576

Wool used – 109 (1 this week)
Wool bought – 63
Wool given – 167 (was gifted four balls this week)
Wool gifted – 31

Total – 665

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2 comments on “And so Christmas begins…
  1. Rabbie says:

    That’s a lot of stockings!

    I’m glad they went down so well and the effort is appreciated. I start my Christmas crafts in October, so I’m now safely at the point where I can take time and craft for myself.

    • Roxy says:

      Every year I go ‘I’m only going to do X and Y’ and get them done nice and early. Then I somehow always end up going ‘theres time to fit in Z! And I’ve been asked to make A, and I could totally fit in B…’

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