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The sharp eyed amongst you would have noticed that there was no post last week, and in general, I was pretty quiet on all my social media…the reason for that?

Paint a red cross on the door, the plague has struck! First Inkling, then myself, then Felix and now Engel. Inkling and myself are now negative, with Felix and Engel just beginning their Covid experience…

The kids pretty much shrugged it off after 24 hours, Engel seems to very much have flu like symptoms and is just really, really tired.

I was tired, still am, with very little concentration, and my chest hurt really bad. I’m asthmatic, so I knew it was going to be an issue, but it didn’t warrant a hospital trip and that’s all that matters!

Due to having zero concentration, as well as a very snuggly four year old latched onto me at all times (Inklings only real long lasting symptom, very clingy) I opted for a nice, easy,quick knitting pattern:

These are some Nola’s Slippers (free pattern) by Nola Miller, and were knitted for Rabbie and her husband – they liked their crazy Christmas ones from the other year, but wanted them more practical and less crazy. But funky colours where allowed, and so I did some serious stash busting – 9 balls of odds and ends and random skeins I had no idea what to use for, all used up!

Fingers crossed they go down well, or at the very least, fit well!

That’s all for this week as I am going to have some tea, a little bit of chocolate, and an early night.

Take care!

Wool Count

Starting total – 843

Wool used – 13 (9 this week)
Wool bought – 1
Wool given to me – 0
Wool gifted to others –
Wool handspun – 0

Total – 843 (Net difference: -12)

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