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More like flaming ball of death and tiny knits as it’s too hot for anything else…

My grumping about the ridiculously hot weather aside – it was 20C at 6:30am! And it’s not 36C outside now! And I know lots of countries are going ‘thats not hot’ but they have the infrastructure and population knowledge to deal with that kind of heat – we don’t!

It’s been a fairly quiet, uneventful week. Caught up with a few friends, ate some nice food, avoided the heat…

Yeah, a nice, quiet, uneventful weekend. May many, many more of these occur…

Oh, I did look after a work experience kid last week, and I must have made an impression as she gave the lab a box of chocolates to share, and a second box just for me and two balls of wool. Won’t deny this made my day!

As for the knitting, it’s coming up for end of school year for my little terrors and that means a small knitted token gesture! I hasten to add that as a class, the parents all put into one pot and get some vouchers etc for the teacher, which is better than 30 boxes of chocolate or something!

That said, I wouldn’t say no to 30 boxes of chocolate…

Anyway…much like last year, the kids wanted the teachers to have rainbows again!

I followed the pattern Rainbow by Sarah Keen from her book 100 Little Knitted Projects but, to make it practical, I added a braid and a tassel and voila, a bookmark.

Isn’t that just the cutest? I also figured out why rainbows – the lower years have a cloud – rain cloud – storm system, with rainbow being super well behaved and, if the kid is rainbow for a certain length of time, they get to go to pot of gold, and have a prize from the prize drawer.

The only downside to making these was…I got a little carried away…I needed six. Maybe seven. Possibly eight? And…

I’m sure I’ll find homes for the rest in time!

Until next week, stay safe!

Wool Count

Starting total – 843

Wool used – 55 (4 since last post!)
Wool bought – 23
Wool given to me – 29 (2 for this week)
Wool gifted to others – 1
Wool handspun – 3

Total – 842 (Net difference: -1 I am below my starting total!!!)

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