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We have Frankenstein’s Monster, and Bride of Frankenstein (or should that be the bride of Frankenstein’s monster?)

A close up of the groom.

And a close up of the bride. (Both made once again using the fantastic free pattern Fairy Doll by Stephanie Law as a base, with some fun mods and embellishments!)

The fact they look like newlyweds is purely accidental, I was using the Boris Karloff 1931 Frankenstein as inspiration for Frankensteins Monster, followed by the Elsa Lanchester 1935 Bride of Frankenstein for, well, the Bride of Frankenstein. Very pleased though with the results! So cute!

Also, there’s something that you can’t quite beat with the classic black and white movies! For those curious, I am calling Frankenstein’s Monster Adam, as he refers to himself in the original Mary Shelleys novel (he says ‘I ought to be thy Adam’ to his creator, Victor Frankenstein) , and for the fun of it, I’m calling his lucky lady Eve. Seems fitting. (She was never credited with a name)

Oh, and Rabbie, you were right once again! Can you do a hat trick and guess who’s next on the needles?

Till next week!

Wool count:

Starting total – 622

Wool used – 80 (Unchanged)
Wool bought – 26
Wool given – 7
Wool gifted – 0

Total – 575 (Hopefully it’ll go down next week!)

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