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Hi all, apologies for the late post but there was several reasons behind it, honest! Between an action packed weekend of catching up with friends, some we have barely seen since pre-covid, and some serious crafting on the sewing machine (curtains, for the conservatory, needed now it’s getting towards winter) and one more little thing…

But that requires some context. At the end of August I volunteered to do a test knit for SuperGreenWitch and was selected to knit her Drop of comfort Cowl in whatever wool I wished. It practically fell off my needles:

The black yarn is Sirdar Snuggly Cashmere Merino DK and the contrast yarn is Sirdar Softspun Chunky in the ‘shale’ colour way. You may have noticed I didn’t link the pattern there – that’s because it’s not been released yet. The reason for getting to post about this now, before it’s released, is that my colour combination was liked that much, it was decided to be the one to actually be featured.

Small problem though: there are rules about publishing patterns, and one such one is that if it’s a garment or accessory to be worn, it needs to be shown as such. By a person. So…

Guess what I did this evening, during a welcome break in the dull weather? Yep. Getting photos of me wearing the item, rather than photographed ‘flat’. It’s a rare thing for me to do as, like a lot people, I prefer to keep myself to myself and that most certainly includes online photos.

But given the opportunity I couldn’t resist! And as I wasn’t sure about what photo to use, the lovely and wonderful Rabbie helped me slim it down to two.

By agreeing to the photos, I get to share it with you all early! And of course, when the pattern gets published I’ll be sure to link back to it, as it’s a very cosy, super quick and very warm knit!

Thats all for this week, hopefully I will either block one of my knits to show for next week, or finish a different project which has taught me the importance of paying attention and reading ahead in a pattern. Again. Twice.

I mean, Inkling can totally do with 8 mittens, right?!

Wool Count

Starting total – 897

Wool used – 146 (1 this week!!)
Wool bought – 50
Wool given to me – 47
Wool gifted to others – 4
Wool handspun – 13

Total – 849 (Net total of 33 down!)

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This week’s blog title definitely has two meanings. The fun one is to do with my most recently completed knitting project, the other…

Last week, lockdown fatigue had really, really set in. It was literally at the point where I felt like I was just dragging myself through each day, one day after the other after the other…the mantra of ‘Just keep going, just keep going’ playing in my head.

But the restrictions here have begun to ease, last Sunday our little family went an hour and a half down south to meet up with our friends and their parents dog and we had an amazing day at their local reservoir/water park – there was lots of new scenery, big play parks, a tiny train…it was amazing.

And exhausting. I am not a sociable creature by habit, but we are a sociable species, and finally getting that social contact…yeah, I was tired.

So this low followed by this exhausting high led to their being no blog post last week. As such, we are having not just one, or two, but three finished products to show off!

These are made following the free pattern 19 Fishes on a Mitten by Magdalena Svanberg, except I added extra length so there’s 24 on these.

The idea of this whole set came into being after Engel bought be some of Siobhan Crafts hand dyed mini skeins all based on fish, I looked at them and knew they had to be made into a gift for Rabbie. She did marine biology at university, she does diving still, and her love of all things that live in the seas, oceans, rivers and lakes is astounding.

This crazy bright creation follows Alternating Current by Alex Tinsley from the book ‘Doomsday Knits’ – I followed the pattern pretty much except I used 3.5mm needles rather than the recommended 5mm due to the wool weight.

Another reason Rabbie deserves all the cosy warm Knits’ is that she feels cold. Painfully feels it. I often joke she’s a lizard, but I do feel for her. So this satisfies my mother like instinct to swaddle her in all the hand Knits!

Another free pattern, Fishies by Jackie Ziegler – I was determined to use every scrap of this wool!

This weekend I’m seeing the same friends I saw last week, only they’re driving up to us. I’m excited about this, but no where near as much as the fact that I am finally allowed to see my sis again! Next week we’re meeting up and I can’t wait to give her all these warm and cuddly things I have made, and let her know everyone she wears them that she’s appreciated and how much I miss her.

This pandemic has taught me a lot of things. I am a much stronger person than I ever thought I would be, I am capable of being a teacher, a mum, a wife, a friend, a sister, an entertainer, a crafter, a story teller, a games master, and more than I could list in here. It’s also taught me that I can’t survive alone. I can be a mother and a wife, but I need the husband and father. I can be a sister, a daughter, but I need family. I can be a friend, but I need them too. When presented with the unknown, I fill it with as much as I can to make it seem less scary, and I burn out because of it. But most importantly:

All any of us can do really, is to just keep swimming. We’ll get there, wherever there is.

Till next week, take care.

Wool Count

Starting total – 897

Wool used – 63 (13 this fortnight)
Wool bought – 3 (needed more black DK)
Wool given to me – 21
Wool gifted to others – 1
Wool handspun – 8

Total – 865

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