Now entering warp speed!

Thats certainly how this year feels – I genuinely don’t know where it’s gone. I feel like if I stop, I’ll get weft behind!

Enough of that, let’s shuttle along…

Its been a whirlwind of a weekend – Rabbie, Missy, vikings, oh my!

Rabbie does an excellent job as always summarising things her end, and yes, dog napping was attempted, no I did not meet Mr Motivator, yes there was an endless bag of bacon, yes, there was a meeting of the coven (Rabbie even brought the cauldron) and sadly yes, OwlLady did take a tumble and hurt her wrist.

Thankfully it has been confirmed as not broken, but it’s in a splint for a few weeks and already OwlLady is getting a bit warped about not having her knitting or arrows.

The whole weekend was great, but it was also a blur, and I am still shaking off the tiredness. We got two new people last night, so all the hard work Rabbie and Timbercat put in has well and truly paid off.

But where is the crafts? I hear you cry, well, not knitting today. I know, you win some, you loom some.

I have been doing a lot of tablet weave, just shy of seven meters in fact, following an adapted version of a viking age find from Birka. This was cut off the loom last Monday and was sewn into all the edges of my cloak by Thursday. Friday was spent sewing leather onto my full sized shield after working out how to use an awl on Missy’s mini one (pictured)

And with that, I’m out. I need to get some rest before the next wave of chaos hits!

Wool Count

Starting total – 841

Wool used – 47 (Used 1)
Wool unaccounted for in my stash – 15
Wool bought – 19
Wool given to me – 26
Wool gifted to others – 2
Wool handspun – 8

Total – 862 (Net difference: +21 – creeping down now!)

6 comments on “Now entering warp speed!
  1. Timbercat says:

    I still love Missy’s shield… And Missy…

    Must try harder with the dognapping…

  2. Timbercat says:

    Oh look!

    Distraction fabric! And chocolate!

  3. Rabbie says:

    A fabulous weekend all round, attempted dog napping aside!

    Your cloak was the absolute envy of all and absolutely stole the show amongst the other vikings.

    Dare I say let’s do it again next year? (With less injuries of course!)

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