Can I axe you a question?

Have you ever needed to attack / defend yourself from hoards of knitted monsters?

Or perhaps your little (or large) viking needs an axe-essory to sharpen their day?

If yes, axe-ellent! You have come to the right place!

So, I had a commission to knit the tiny axe (four actually) I did for my Christmas decoration last year and…I hadn’t written the pattern down… Which in hindsight, was axe-tually a bad idea… and thus, I now present:

The little axe pattern! As always, free on the blog!

Aren’t they axe-orable?

(And yes, I am laying it on heavy with just ‘axe’ as the pun because if you list all the parts of an axe – bit, head, shaft, butt – you end up with innuendos, not puns, and I’m trying to keep it fairly clean here!)

In non knitting news, but spinning news, I have spun two balls of Romney fleece. Nice, soft, springy wool and more importantly, white in colour. Why? Felicity has a grand Viking related plan for a display she wants, and it involves nettles, hand spun wool, and lots and lots of natural dying materials… When this begins to come together I’ll be sure to share!

In non crafting news, Vikings last weekend, Vikings this weekend. You can tell we’re deep in the Viking season. Does mean that my crafting time is severely impacted, and also being used for very different crafts. Again, when it comes together, I’ll share!

That’s all for this post as I have a lot to do, nowhere near enough time, and despite being really excited about things behind the scenes, I could actually kind of do with a nap…

Wool Count

Starting total – 841

Wool used – 46 (Used 1)
Wool unaccounted for in my stash – 15
Wool bought – 19
Wool given to me – 26
Wool gifted to others – 2
Wool handspun – 8 (up by 2)

Total – 863 (Net difference: +22 – creeping up, but that’s cause I’m using my fleece so…cant complain?)

3 comments on “Can I axe you a question?
  1. Timbercat says:

    Flashbacks to axe throwing with all the talk of heads, shafts and butts… So many moist butt jokes…

  2. Rabbie says:

    Glad to hear your so busy! Cant wait to see some viking crafts.

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