A Meowment of Calm

Not gonna lie, 2023 was a hard year. 2024 hasn’t gotten off to a purrfect start either. There’s been a death in the wider family and its very much caused us all to go to ground.

I did manage a trip up North though, and first footed Rabbies door on New Years Day. And whilst quiet, it was a good visit. Both my terrors now have their own Viking kit and I have so much hand sewing to be getting on with its purr-etty insane…but so worth it as they look so cute!!!

But hand sewing doesn’t really lend much content to the blog, which is my next point, its gonna be pretty quiet on here for a little bit. Partly due to content and partly due to the desire to hide under a blanket and try this whole new year thing again at some point in February. Maybe. March looks pretty promising…

Modified version of Kitten Mittens by Marna Gilligan from her book Cat Knits. Made to match my cowl and one day I will make the matching hat too. Purr-omise.

One thing that I will be continuing into 2024, is the puns. I have a feline that a few groans have resounded at that, but I love them, they’re just purr-fect for a little bit of humour!

In other news, poor OwlLady and Timbercat made the fatal mistake of deciding to help me organise and recount my wool stash. I don’t know who was more horrified at the sheer quantity of wool, but I unearthed a few treasures I had forgotten which I am looking forward to using. Soon hopefully. Maybe. More importantly, my total came to 30 less than what I thought I had! Some did sneak off though in OwlLadys bag…and one in Timbercats…

So with that, I shall present my new wool count totals! Stay safe, and may you have the 2024 you desire!

Starting total – 841

Wool used – 0
Wool bought – 0
Wool given to me – 0
Wool gifted to others – 0
Wool handspun – 0

Total – 841 (Net difference: 0)

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5 comments on “A Meowment of Calm
  1. Timbercat says:

    I can’t speak for the owl lady, but I greatly enjoyed helping count the stash. The 2 hours of untangling however… That felt like a pun-ishment. I’m pretty sure I had a wooly head the next morning from all the concentrating.

    • Roxy says:

      Pun-ishmemt indeed! That one needs to go to the pun-itentiary!

      Your help untangling that mess for two hours was greatly appreciated though! And I hope the lovely teal ball of wool that snuck it’s way into your bag helped lessen the pain a smidge!

  2. Rabbie says:

    I think starting the New Year on the quiet side focusing on you and yours is a wise idea. I love the mitts and look forward to seeing your posts when they resume.

    And do share updates of the Viking garb being upgraded,) ‘d love to see how you all personalise them.

    • Roxy says:

      I will definitely update on all the little personal tweaks to the viking kit! As you said before, watching them transform is amazing!

      And yes, definitely focusing on just our little family for the start of the year. We’ll come out eventually when we feel a bit more ready to face the world.

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