Is it knit? Is it crochet?

It’s a frisbee!! Made following the free circular How to Knit a Granny Square pattern by Frankie Brown.

As someone who knows how to crochet, and can technically do it, but can’t due to a knackered wrist, I was very keen to have an excuse to try knitted crochet, and these cotton frisbees for the Christmas set was a perfect opportunity!

I will say that it was still hard on my wrist, and I had to take breaks from it more than if I had been knitting normally, but I could do it for far, far longer than crochet!

Curiosity satisfied, another present finished.

In other news, you will have noticed I didn’t post last week – you can blame Rabbie for that one! You can read about the chaos on her blog, but regardless, I was just too tired from the week, the weekend, and the start of another week to actually take the time to post anything!

There has been family meet ups, Dog fest, socialising, work stuff, gaming, littlest terror has started his swimming lessons and oldest one has gone up four book bands this school term already…it’s been busy!

Project wise there’s quite a lot on the needles, and as such, not a lot of progress on any of it! I’m usually a monogamous knitted but…yeah…more on those as and when I have things to show.

Until next week, stay safe!

Wool Count

Starting total – 897

Wool used – 128 (2 this week!!)
Wool bought – 35 (2 this week, but for a specific project, promise!)
Wool given to me – 47
Wool gifted to others – 4
Wool handspun – 11

Total – 865 (still a net total of 32 down!!)

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2 comments on “Is it knit? Is it crochet?
  1. Rabbie says:

    Last week was certainly chaos in the best way!

    I love the frisbees, but I suppose the burning question is, how well do they fly?

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