We survived!

What did we survive?

Many things.

My dad got married this week, and he lives in Ireland, for a variety of reasons we only found out at fairly short notice (8 weeks) so when it came to working out all the fine details…yeah…

After a lot of debate, we decided to fly. I haven’t flown for 13 years, Engel 10 and both Felix and Inkling have never flown. The thought of having two small children (5 and nearly 2) on a flight petrified me. But we did it. There and back. Though airport security did wake-up Inkling from his nap to search him on the way back. He was not amused. Neither was I as he only had 20 minutes of his usual 1-1.5 hours nap…

We also survived all four of us staying in one hotel room with just two beds for the duration of the trip (three nights, four days). Never again. Never. Same room, fine, but Inkling is really like an octopus when trying to share a bed with him!

We also survived the wedding ceremony, meal and after party with no tears, tantrums, or any issues. A miracle really seeing as we were all tired and cranky!

The trip was actually really fun, and I got to catch up with a lot of family, just when it comes to doing it again, I know what to do different next time.

But what about the knitting? This is a knitting blog after all…

A whiskey bottle cozy (ok, it’s actually a wine bottle cozy but my dad likes his whiskey!) Based on the free pattern Winecozy by Jennifer Carter, and the pawprints are from Pawprint Blankie by Oscarsauce! another free pattern)

And there’s more!

And a pair of bows, one a bowtie, the other a hairbow, to go with Felix and Inklings matching outfits. They were so cute!!!! I’ve knit a bowtie before, and this is the same free pattern: Erika’s Knit Bow by loareknits

All for now, I’m tired and have so many chores to catch up on still!

Wool Count

Starting total – 576

Wool used – 23 (0 this week – I’ve been busy!)
Wool bought – 13
Wool given – 4
Wool gifted – 0

Total – 570

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2 comments on “Survived!
  1. Rabbie says:

    So glad to hear you survived!

    I love the whiskey cosie, but the matching hair bow and bow tie are definitely the cutest things; especially when adorned by your two!

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