Cerber-issy take 2!

As mentioned on my last post, Felix wanted a Cerberus that looks like her favourite fur-cousin Missy!

Here’s the cutie in question:

I will never tire of posting photos of that dog, she is so cite! Anyway, the first  attempt of the Cerber-issy came out fantastic, but much too large.

So heres my second attempt:

I heavily modified the pattern Husky Dog by Kath Dalmeny from her book ‘World of Knitted Toys’ and I must say, I’m really pleased! Not as detailed as the first, but still cute and it’s the right size!


Starting total – 622

Wool used – 83 (2 used!)
Wool bought – 27
Wool given – 7
Wool gifted – 0

Total – 573

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One comment on “Cerber-issy take 2!
  1. Rabbie says:

    Haha, she’s absolutely fabulous! And I think makes a wonderful addition for the haunted house!

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