On the First Day of Waiting

For the Age of Ultron movie to be released, I went and knit for me:

Nick Furry!

Ok, its Nick Fury from the Avengers, as a cat (Catvengers!)

Isn’t he cute with his little eye patch?

Engel received a Catvengers t-shirt ages ago, and its something he kept asking for. So he’s getting the set. Thats only 9 kitties…

Onto actual news, been a manic fortnight (hence the lack of a post last weekend) but its all work stuff an then catching up on chores and family time.

But you’re all more interested in the wool stash, right? 5 used this fortnight, and I may have ‘accidentally’ bought one…

Wool Count down:
Starting total (28Feb15) – 747 balls
Extra stash found – 10 balls (so far)
Wool used – 31 (Yeah!)
Wool given – 3
Wool bought – 1

Total – 730

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