Raspberry Ripple

I’m not talking about ice cream, Raspberry Ripple is the name of the colours way of the lace wool I’ve been using on the big project I’ve been mentioning in the last few posts.

This week, I’ve managed not to get side tracked (it was hard) and managed to push on and finish a lace shawl!

I used the Birch Leaf Shawl (aka Bottom-Up Birch) by Susan Gutperl (it’s a free pattern and fantastic if you don’t know how many yards of wool you have!) The photo above shows it being blocked, I managed to get it to 140cm across and 76cm tall! Though I can’t take all the credit, Engel is actually really, really good at blocking. I suspect it’s the engineer in him making sure everything is just so, he did ask what the tolerances were on knitting, but I suspect that’s his new job affecting him…

That’s a close up of the lace pattern – can you see the leaves going left to right? And you can see why the colour way is called Raspberry Ripple!

Unfortunately I don’t have a better photo of the finished product – it’s been very grey and wet here, and as it’s a Christmas present for the MIL I’ve squirreled it away in the present box now. I don’t usually make such elaborate gifts for Christmas presents but she’s helped out a lot since Inkling has been born, so I wanted too give her something especially nice and pretty as a bit of a thank you.

That’s all really, just back from a Moana themed party that Felix was invited to, so we’re all going to go practice the hula some more! Or possibly the hokey cokey?

Starting total – 650

Wool used – 135 (1 this post – but it was a ball of lace weight yarn!)
Wool bought – 49
Wool given – 135
Wool gifted – 59

Total – 636 (I’m going to give up trying to get below 600 this year…)

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One comment on “Raspberry Ripple
  1. Rachel says:

    Absolutely stunning! I envy your patience 🙂 and I am sure the MIL is going to love it.

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