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Any hope of revival?

More thunderstorms.


You may have noticed that my last three posts all mentioned the hot weather – I don’t cope well with the heat, Engel less so, Felix less than that and poor Inkling is a degree off melting into an actual puddle.

There has been some respite the past two days with small thunderstorms, but it’s not been enough to let us catch up on sleep and recharge.

And I may have given myself a cold by dancing in the rain, every time it has rained these last few days.

Yes. I’ve been out there, hopping and skipping and cheering.

I’m beyond caring what the neighbors think.

So, why am I telling you all this? Because the heat has actually killed my desire to knit. I’ve been focusing more on reading my Achtung Cthulhu scenario and source books, as well as joining in on the highly competitive crossword and soduko solving antics at work.

I’m not kidding either. It’s getting cut throat – someone had managed to get the crossword done before morning break and there was nearly a mutiny over it. Subsequently at least three copies of the newspaper are now present in the breakout area each morning, to give everyone a chance…

So. No knitting to show this week. Or an updated wool count.

Apologies all, hopefully the cooler weather will get me back to knitting again and I’ll have something to show next week!

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