Cactus makes perfect!

Its that time of the year where I end up having to fit in a few prick knits, else I end up in a right prickle come the end of the month…

What am I on a-drought? End of the school year teachers gifts. I actually have planty of time this year as I realised with three weeks to go , as opposed to some years where its the weekend before…but I digress.

Felix has two teachers in her class (one is a TA but I like that she refers to him as an actual teacher, not just an assistant) and for them, she has chosen a duck (which I already have knitted up in my spare knits bag, or the bag of old craft stock, or the bag of knitted whimsy’s) and a cactus.

This is where I go, ‘the best laid plants of mice and…’

I actually have a cactus in The Bag, but she was browsing through my copy of 100 Little Knitted Projects by Sarah Keen (Inkling needed it for his teacher, but thats next post) and…

She spotted the ‘Cactus in a Pot’ pattern and it was love. Managed to use up a small oddment of wool at least, and I may have had far too much fun with Felix digging through all the wool, but, its done!

Next post: Inklings foray into knitting patterns for his teachers…

But that aside!

It’s been a weird week where I feel like I have done loads and loads but don’t feel I have much to show for just how busy I’ve been. I have been doing a fair bit of reflection this week as well though – which definitely explains why my head is so tired – clearly been thinking too much!

No non knitting news or viking news this week. Just a quiet one.

And yes, I am fully aware that I have had a quiet week yet also stated I have been getting loads done. These things are completely exclusive of one another and I stand on that hill!

Anyway, till next post where I think you will be prickled pink at the knit I will be sharing…

Wool Count

Starting total – 841

Wool used – 54 (Used 3 – productive week!)
Wool unaccounted for in my stash – 15
Wool bought – 22
Wool given to me – 28
Wool gifted to others – 2
Wool handspun – 11

Total – 861 (Net difference: +20 – creeping back down again…)

4 comments on “Cactus makes perfect!
  1. Timbercat says:

    Quiet and getting stuff done is definitely mutually exclusive! Quiet means you’ve not had to run around like a headless chicken, or visit people or go to events! Getting loads done is separate to that!

  2. Rabbie says:

    I love the cactus and I’m sure Felix’s teacher will too!

    And I know all about quiet weeks that you need to have a rest after – do take the chance to sit down and breathe when you can!

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