A tail of three…dragons…?

Sit back, get comfortable, for this is a tail of courage, bravery and adventure! The scale of this quest is – ok, I’m gonna stop before I get accused of dragon this intro out…

We left off last time, at the very start of an epic quest for my two terrors to find their very own dragon.

They journeyed long and far across the living room, avoiding the terrifying claws of four playful cats – I mean, horrifying beasts – weaving past fortresses (chairs) and scaling mountains (sofa), until at last they reached the plateau of The Great Wooly Servatory.

It was a cruel place, where the young adventurers had to wade through merino, scramble past acrylic, tip toe around a few stray mohairs, and climb the vast mountain of sheep fleece yet to be carded…until at last, they reached their treasure chest.

Fluffy wool, short and long burst from the chest. Red, gold, green, multi coloured and ultramine, scattered around the adventurers feet as they searched for the perfect wool. The wool that would become their dragon.

Some were too sparkly, too rough, too plain, too bright, and then they found it. Base of black, tapering to a bright colour at the tips of the fluff. Felix chose a bright green, and Inkling claimed blue. Then they looked in the chest and saw, by itself, a matching ball of wool, but bright pink.

These warriors had heart, and felt sorry for the lonely ball of wool, so they took it with them, carefully, to see if another was in need of their own dragon…

They climbed down the mountain of sheep fleece yet to be carded, past the many wooly creatures that tried to trip and entangle them, out The Great Wooly Servatory. They passed mountains and fortresses, avoided the terrifying beasts and brought their finds to the Fibermancer who promised them dragons. They explained their reasoning for three, and after a bit of tough negotiation, revealing the adventurers cunning and liberal use of cuteness and puppy eyes, their wishes were granted.

The wool unfurled, twisted anew, shaped and formed by the Fibermancer, until three dragons sat ready to be taken home. Awed, the adventurers accepted their treasure, and took them for many adventures anew.

And what of the pink dragon? That was homed within no time, for it really was quite adorable.

With that, this tail is finished and I bid you farewell and safe tidings.

Wool Count

Starting total – 841

Wool used – 15 (Up by six!)
Wool bought – 2
Wool given to me – 2
Wool gifted to others – 0
Wool handspun – 6

Total – 836 (Net difference: -5)

3 comments on “A tail of three…dragons…?
  1. Timbercat says:

    That’s quite the yarn you’ve spun!

  2. Rabbie says:

    What a hilarious yarn! I am glad the pink dragon found a home too! They make a glorious little trio.

    • Roxy says:

      As am I! Although I did feel sad not having the three of them curled up together any more.

      Not sad enough to knit another mind!

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