Of dice and men

I had a much larger project to share this week, but with all best laid plans…

Instead, we will get a little dicey and have a bit of a throwback knit on here I had forgotten about! Don’t worry, it’s a dice and quick post this week!

Back in February I realised that one of the Christmas cheese mice I knit was attending a weekly gaming group that two of my friends go to, and one of said friends was using it as a lucky charm during wargames. This wouldn’t do. And I fancied a little quick cleanser knit so…

Yeah! Found out his dice were purple and so, I played with some wool and needles and out came a dice. But one dice by itself is boring, so I knit the teal one for my other friend, Timbercat, so they could be matchy matchy at gaming!

Right, that’s all for this post, until next, stay safe, and have a dice week!

Starting total – 880

Wool used – 26
Wool bought – 17
Wool given to me – 15 (+2 – after last week, Engel decided I needed a little treat)
Wool gifted to others – 3
Wool handspun – 2

Total – 884 (Net difference: +4)

One comment on “Of dice and men
  1. Rabbie says:

    What a cute wee gift! The colours are fabulous too!

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