I’ve not bean pro-caffienating, honest!

Ah, the puns have had time to percolate in my brain whilst I’ve bean off on adventures. Although, brew-fore I knew it, a latte time passed…

Right. Bean-ough of these puns!

So, would brew like to know the reason for this bean-ormous amount of puns?

Yep, the traditional gaming group birthday dice bag. The re-sip-ient was very frappe with this one, as he’s a proper hipster with his fancy coffee!

In non knitting brews, sorry, I will stop with the puns now, promise, we’re back from a break in the Lake district which was much more adventure than rest. Which is exactly how I like my breaks, although poor Engel disagrees after twisting his ankle and having been eaten alive by all the insects…

We went with Rabbie, her husband, Missy and my brother and his dog Maisie. That dog is a whirlwind of chaos and the destroyer of slippers, she’s also a complete princess and got up to more mischief than Felix and Inkling combined.

The only downside has been the weather, it’s ridiculously hot and humid, the kind of heat that clings to your skin and makes everything feel a bit damp and uncomfortable.

But we had a thunderstorm yesterday, and I got to dance and twirl in the rain to the sounds of thunder and lightning. Was exactly what I needed!

On that note, till next post, stay safe.

Starting total – 880

Wool used – 20 (+9)
Wool bought – 11
Wool given to me – 13
Wool gifted to others – 3
Wool handspun – 2

Total – 883 (Net difference: +3)

2 comments on “I’ve not bean pro-caffienating, honest!
  1. Rabbie says:

    I am impressed at the puns! The sheer number of them is astonishing!

    Glad you had a good holiday! Perhaps for next year’s summer outing we will schedule in more down time for Engel…

    • Roxy says:

      I’ll take my puncyclipedic knowledge as a compliment!

      And perhaps we’ll have more down time for Engel…maybe…

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