Getting cold feet…

Still a pun, promise, but also how I’m feeling about 2023. It has been very much one thing after another after another…

Almost all are just little things, slowly grinding me down, and the odd big thing just flooring me…but there have been positives too.

So lets warm up those cold feet with something fun and bright, shall we?

This is another pair of socks knit using the NO Swatch, ANY Yarn Socks by Ida-Maria Tyyskä – a free pattern I highly recommend for all new sock knitting beginners!

And with that, I shall leave this post at that. Let’s hope for a quiet week!

Until then, stay safe!

Starting total – 880

Wool used – 6 (+2)
Wool bought – 10
Wool given to me – 2
Wool gifted to others – 3
Wool handspun – 2 (+1)

Total – 885 (Net difference: +5)

One comment on “Getting cold feet…
  1. Rabbie says:

    Oh no! It has been quite a year already, hasn’t it?

    Love the socks, just the perfect to kick 2023 into touch!

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