But bigger! And cuter!

This is very much a ‘mummy can make that’ kind of post, except it’s more ‘the Mrs can make that’…

A long story short, I made tiny MOSFETs for Christmas gifts at work.

A colleague of both mine and Engels will be having their first baby in the not too distant future.

Engel: You need to knit the baby a MOSFET!

Me: Like the Christmas ones?

Engel: Yeah, but bigger! And cuter!

I’m hoping this one meets that criteria! It’s 16cm by 22cm so he’s plenty big.

Going to call it now on the blog post – still recovering from the other weekend and the one just gone has been super busy getting my little mischief makers ready for school today!

Also, no wool count as no changes.

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One comment on “But bigger! And cuter!
  1. Rabbie says:

    Haha, I think its safe to say that you definitely rose to the challenge!

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