And for now…

Something co pletely different: A new hobby!

Yes, Lockdown, we are all shocked by this news!

Ok, its not a new hobby, but it is a new craft – a no sew braided rag rug! Both my terrors have had a growth streak and there’s a lot of clothes that are too good to throw, too faded to donate and too small to actually wear…

I was pondering what to do with these old clothes – there are so many options out there – when I saw a rag rug in the Slate Museum in Wales. And the thought stayed.

We’ve also been saying for quite some time that the living room needed a rug, to help take the chill off it in winter when we’re sat on the floor building Lego or some such.

And so, like a perfect storm, it all came together to make the very rug Lockdown is basking on in the photo above.

No knitting news, just chugging along on a few projects – much knitting, little progress!

In other news…not a lot. We have actually managed a quiet, uneventful week. No plagues, no injuries, no drama….though work has been incredibly hectic!

So on that note, I shall leave you and get on with enjoying a quiet evening…of cthulhu…let the madness begin!

Starting total – 843

Wool used – 33 (1 since last post)
Wool bought – 23
Wool given to me – 16
Wool gifted to others – 1
Wool handspun – 3

Total – 852 (Net difference: +8 – still need to work on this!)

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2 comments on “And for now…
  1. Rabbie says:

    That’s turned out really well! What’s the final dimensions?

    Glad you’ve managed a well deserved quiet week.

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