Bee-autiful bay-bee blankee

Who doesn’t love a good pun? Or bee?

Ok, ok, I’ll bee-have and get to the ‘point’!

One of the guys at my work is having his first child, and now that the baby is born (and he’s a cutie too) I feel I can reveal a little something I whipped up for him. It’s a slightly modified Honeycomb Stroller Blanket (free pattern) with some cute Buzzy Bee Motif (free pattern) added to emphasise the bee theme. And just to top it all off, a Bertie the Bee (also a free pattern).

I was in Norfolk when the gift was handed over with a card and collection from the department, but I was told it went down very well! He was positively buzzing apparently!

The bee puns are just too bee-asy…

Anyhow, its been a quiet week, mostly recovering from the holiday and Halloween shenanigans, but I also lost my voice so it was particularly quiet in that regards! There’s been some knitting and I am so very, very close to finishing my jumper I did a sneak peak of a few weeks ago.

Fingers crossed I can show it off properly next week!

Till then, stay safe!

Wool Count

Starting total – 897

Wool used – 145 (1 this week!!)
Wool bought – 50 (Just 1 ball!)
Wool given to me – 47
Wool gifted to others – 4
Wool handspun – 13 (2 Spun at the Spinning lesson)

Total – 850 (Net total of 32 down!)

And a cute photo to end this week – Lockdown was particularly enamoured with the Honeycomb blankie and every opportunity was in it or on it! I did thoroughly wash it before blocking and gifting just so you all know!

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