Hugs to you all!

A short post this week as it’s been very busy, and is going to get busier rather than slower as the week progresses. The stars have aligned and great Cthulhu – wait, no, wrong mythos.

The stars have aligned and the plague is low enough that I can finally enjoy all the things I have wanted since the first lockdown! But more in all that next week.

For now, all you get is hugs!

Yep, I have knitted a small army of little hugs for the school’s Father’s Day market! Unlike the hugs I knit previously, these are tiny versions using the wonderful free pattern: Hearts by Anna Hrachovec (Mochimochiland!) I just added arms and hands to turn them into hugs and yeah, voila!

Till next week, stay safe!

(No wool count as no changes this week)

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