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Spiders and Despair

Let’s get the sad news over with first. My wool count. I screwed it up royally about two and a bit months back and only just realised. I typed out this post, went to do the wool count, looked at

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Parka Meower 2 and attack of the turtles!

Apologies for the crazy blog post, I couldn’t resist. I’m in a funny mood today, probably because I got stuck behind Thomas the Tank Engine on the motorway on my way home today. Yes, it was an actual steam engine,

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Not enough…

Hours in the day. Days in the week. Weeks in a year… I’ve been busy. Really busy. Visiting the family up north for a whole month, going further up north for a holiday for two weeks, trying to get going

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Of spiders and crocodiles…

Last week my eldest sister was in the area so decided to pay me and Little Felix a visit. (OK, she was just visiting Felix, but I can try and muscle in on the quality family time) Brother in law,

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As you can see, pineapples! Pineapple for keyrings here, and bag here. I’ve not gone mad (well, more so than normal) honest! These are my mums birthday presents – the big bag was last years, and the matching purse and

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