I have several places where I’ve stored photos of my knitted things throughout the years – theres a very old, no longer updated DA account, I’ve recently started Instagram, but my most complete gallery is my Ravelry projects page, which you can only see if you’re a member.

So, on that basis, I’m going to try and put all my completed knits here, with the most recently completed first, to my oldest. There are lots of gaps in my knitting photos, where I’ve given things away before I took a photo, or where I went through of phase of just not recording it, but here’s what I’ve managed to put together.

2020 Knits!

2019 Knits!

This was getting pretty image heavy, so all the following years galleries each have their own page, just click on the year and it will take you there!

2018 Knits!

2017 Knits!

2016 Knits!

2015 Knits!

2014 Knits!

2013 Knits!

2012 Knits!

2011 Knits!

2010 Knits!

Pre-2010 Knits!