If your interested in a commission then you can contact me via my contact page. Just drop me a note with the details and the price bracket you would be willing to pay for the item. The reason for this is that depending on how much someone is willing to pay often affects the size and time spent on an item (size is proportional to time spent, and therefore the costs of materials etc).

Things that are a fixed size do have a fixed price, if this is the case then I’ll reply with the relevant information.

Once a trade has been agreed upon, I’ll make the requested item as soon as I have the time – its surprising how little time I have between work, general house keeping, little Felix, the cats and my other hobbies! Bear this in mind if requesting a present. I cant physically produce a large knitted item and have it posted overseas with just three days notice to when its wanted by (I’m based in the UK)

On this note, please don’t be offended if I turn round and say no.

After everything has been agreed then┬ápayment will be taken. Preferably via PayPal, (though if the item is being collected in person at a craft fair or other such event, then cash is fine) I prefer either full payment up front, or half up front to cover the costs of materials, and the second half upon completion of the project before postage – a photograph of the item will be emailed as proof of completion. I only ask this as there have been cases where a project has been commissioned then the person changed there mind several weeks later and I was left with a rather large unwanted project.

If there are any queries or questions, please feel free to contact me!

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