Peter Rabbit

Look who else has been sneaking into my Pak choi!

It’s Peter Rabbit! As with Flopsy Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny, this is another Alan Dart pattern. I really am enjoying these, and debating who to knit next!

I do have a few in between projects though that need doing before I start the next one, so I have plenty of time to decide.

Oh, following on from my post last week:

Engels hats now have stars and moons! Thanks to Rabbie for the idea of using felt – so much quicker!

Only a short post today as it’s Father’s Day and I think Inkling and Felix have exhausted poor Engel!

Too cute!

Wool count:

Starting total – 622

Wool used – 45 (0 since last post)
Wool bought – 6
Wool given – 5
Wool gifted – 0

Total – 585

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2 comments on “Peter Rabbit
  1. Rabbie says:

    Hope you had a wonderful day!

    Glad the felt idea worked well 🙂 And may I suggest Hunca Munca or Mrs Tiggy Winkle?

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